Supernatural: All in the Family

From “Fare Thee Well” to hello again, our final shot of last week’s ‘Supernatural’had Sam and Dean come face-to-face with the last ‘person’ they’d thought to see this side of the universe: God. So, what happens when two hunters who’ve seen it all run into the Architect of the Universe? “Prove it”…or some derivation thereof. So what does God—from here on out referenced to as Chuck—do? He proves it. Not only does he whisk the Winchesters away to his great lodge in the sky (technically, I’m not sure where said lodge is, but you get the point). Waiting for them is Kevin, former prophet and good friend to the Winchesters who was killed several years ago by the Gadreel-possessed Sam. But Kevin’s done all he’s needed to do and Chuck gives him an ‘upgrade’ to his current situation and, based on the music and floaty energy that Kevin becomes, looks like he’s headed to the Big House.

Yes, Dean, there is a God. And his name is Chuck.
Yes, Dean, there is a God. And his name is Chuck.

The surprising reunion then gives way to Sam fanboying out on being in the same room and the big guy. But Dean, a lifelong cynic, gets to the heart of the matter and, in doing so, conveys the heartbreak of an abandoned child. It’s such a well-written scene, that capturing the more poignant bits of dialogue is the only way to do it justice:

“You been gone a long, long time. And there’s so much crap that has gone down on the earth for thousands of years…plagues and wars and slaughters. And you were, I don’t know, writing books, going to fan conventions. Were you even aware, or did you just tune it out?”

“I was aware, Dean.”

“But you did nothing…people pray to you. People build churches for you. They fight wars in your name and you did nothing.”

“Being overinvolved is no longer parenting. It’s enabling.”

Dean’s feeling are clear but it’s Chuck’s final response that hits the nail on the head.

“I know you had a complicated upbringing, Dean, but don’t confuse me with your dad.”

Afterwards, we get a quick shot of Lucifer’s unfavorable setup with Amara while Chuck and the Winchesters discuss what to do next. Despite Luc’s predicament, Chuck reads the situation for what it is: a baiting tactic by Amara to get Him in place where she can strike. He’s not about falling into her trap, even when, in Lewis, Oklahoma, Amara’s fog rolls in and kills thousands. Well, all except one Donatello Redfield.

Donnie's atheistic views take a hit when he comes face-to-face with the Creator.
Donnie’s atheistic views take a hit when he comes face-to-face with the Creator.

When the brothers question him, Donnie tells them of the screams of death, then the lightning. He saw knowledge, things he didn’t understand. Yes, folks, we have our new prophet. A lifelong atheist, the transition to knowing there is a higher authority is a difficult one but he doesn’t get long to process his new lot in life. Instead, after Metatron spills the beans on Chuck’s sacrificial plan and joins the team, Donnie’s becomes an integral part in the “Operation: Rescue the Morningstar” plan.

Now, said plan relies heavily on Dean using his connection with Amara to run interference. By this time, she’s reached out to him twice but their third meeting of the minds, so to speak, is initiated by Dean and the pair meet in the woods. Though Dean knows he’s the distraction, a part of him is visibly shaken to be so close to Amara. “There can be no us,” he tells her, “we should just walk away.” Amara sees the conflict within Dean and asks that he give up on his humanity “and become boundless within me.” He may be stalling for time but Amara’s words, like the Darkness itself, pulls Dean. But then she sees the difference in him and realizes his betrayal…

R.I.P., Metatron. You may have been a douche but you were our douche, damn it!
R.I.P., Metatron. You may have been a douche but you were our douche, damn it!

By the time she returns to her rural torture chamber for Luc, the Morningstar, Donnie, and Sam have gotten the hell out. For reasons only known to him, Metatron stays, his effort to slow Amara down pointless and deadly as she wipes the former Scribe of God from existence. She then sets her sights on the fleeing trio but, before she can deliver the kill shot, Chuck transports them—Impala and all—back to the Bunker.

The ensuing face-to-face between Chuck and Lucifer is one of bitterness, longing and unanswered questions. On a more personal note, Dean telling Sam about Amara’s offer. The unease within the elder Winchester is clear because, regardless of how much he tries to fight his attraction to Amara, a part of him wants nothing more than to be with her and that means taking up the Darkness on her offer to engulf him.

The question remains, which part of Dean will win the fight?

The Good

  • I’ve been watching ‘Supernatural’ a long time and the interactions between Chuck and Dean were some of the best in the show’s history. Dean’s abandoned boy speech early on set the tone and, though there were points of levity between them, much of their conversations were on the serious side. Dean’s truly final words to Chuck when Metatron spills the beans on his plan—“You know we’re not some toys you throw away. I think you owe us more than that”—may be the push Chuck needed to try something else other than giving himself up to Amara.
  • Remaining on the topic of Chuck, all throughout the show, he reminds Dean that he’s always retained his faith in them “even if you didn’t return the favor”.  He tells Dean that the Winchesters are “the firewall between light and darkness.” It’s a massive nod to their importance, one Dean cannot accept not just because it’s a standard too high to reach but his own doubts of worthiness in regards to his attraction to Amara. Internal conflict at its finest.
  • Welcome to the ‘Supernatural’ world, Keith Szarabajka! Genre folks may recognize him for his voice talents lent to countless cartoons and video games but also as Holtz, one of Angel’s most formidable (and relentless) enemies in the ‘Angel’ series. He’s our new prophet and here’s hoping we’ll see more of him in future episodes.

The Bad

  • While it was great to see Kevin Tran back, it was only for an eye-blink. At least he was transferred back to that big cloud complex in the sky.
  • R.I.P., Metatron. One must wonder if the former Scribe of Heaven truly believed he could make a difference or was it that he wished to go out on his own terms? From my vantage point, it was a needless gamble, thus making his death all for not.

The Supernatural

  • Oh man, Supernatural Quote-City was on its game this week:

Redfield: “ Call me Donatello. I’m named after him.”

Dean: “The mutant ninja turtle? “

  • How embarrassing for Dean to see Chuck perusing his laptop. And God’s “I’ve never seen so much porn…not in one sitting” has to be an all-time humbling moment.
  • If Dean told Donnie the truth about Santa Claus, as he would have if not for Sam’s interference, we may have seen the new prophet’s head explode.