One of the highlights of ‘Captain America: Civil War‘ was the end of the hero on hero fight scene which involved Ant-Man and we almost didn’t see it show up on the big screen. Kevin Feige and many of the other key players in bringing the film and franchise to theaters weigh in on the obstacles the Russo Brothers had to battle through in order to let this fight and one of the main jokes to actually happen.

Now, for those who have been able to stay away from spoilers you may want to turn back now.


As you’re still with me I can assume that you’ve seen the movie or don’t care about spoilers. Chances are if you’re on this site it is the first category as ‘Captain America: Civil War’ has now had the “biggest opening of 2016 and Marvel fans are all saying it is well justified.

So the scene, of course, that we’re talking about is when Ant-Man decides to switch things up and turn the tide by becoming Giant-Man which in previous tests off screen he’s apparently passed out from.

So where did the idea come from?

According to Feige:

“It was just a great idea to turn the tide of the battle in a huge, shocking, unexpected way. We have a lot of ideas for Ant-Man 2, none of which are contingent upon revealing Giant-Man, so we thought this would be the fun, unbelievable unexpected way to do that.”

The film’s writers Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely, however, had a lot of issues making sure that their and the Russo brothers’ vision making the character supersized was the way to go. As McFeely recounts:

“The brothers [directors Joe and Anthony Russo] had to fight for it. They had to go to the studio and say, ‘No it’s not silly, it’s cool.’

Some people are like ‘What does Ant-Man do in a big fight? Well, he can become the most powerful thing,” Markus interjected. “It will be awesome and it is a literal escalation of the fight.

It’s a comic book movie! In the grounded Winter Soldier, it’s Three Days of the Condor except in the middle there’s a talking robot that tells you HYDRA has been there the whole time. And a lot of people went, ‘That’s a little much.’ No, it’s a comic book movie! That’s okay. Same thing here, except it’s Giant-Man.'”

Of course, the best part of the entire fight sequence that involved a ‘Star Wars’ Easter egg had not only myself laughing but the entire theater that I was in missing dialogue! As Feige puts it:

“We knew if we got Spidey we could have him do the AT-AT thing.”

Believe it or not, that scene almost didn’t make it into the film:

“The brothers really wanted to put it in there. We get a little queasy about referencing other movies. They don’t, and they were right.”

If the reaction to the audience as well as everyone I’ve spoken with is any indication, the Russo’s really nailed this one. I’m sure it helps that Disney now owns Marvel and the ‘Star Wars’ franchise.

What do you think, folks? Was Giant-Man the way to go? Are you happy to hear that the Russos were able to get past the push back and make their vision a reality? Share your thoughts below True Believers!

Source: Gizmodo

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