Dredd Karl Urban poster slice

After the remake bombed at the box office in 2012, ‘Dredd’ star Karl Urban and a very dedicated fan base held out hope that we could see more adventures from Mega-City One in the future. After all, beloved properties like ‘Firefly’ and ‘Veronica Mars’ returned in some way. Plus, ‘Deadpool’ finally happened almost a decade after the character was nearly ruined beyond repair. And now, just a week after the actor reminded the world that he would definitely be interested in reprising his role as the legendary Judge Dredd in another movie or a series, it seems like we may be closer than ever to seeing that actually happen for the iconic British comic book hero.

According to Comic Book Resources, Urban revealed at his Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo panel that “conversations are happening” about making some kind of ‘Dredd’ sequel a reality at either Netflix or Amazon. Though this is hardly a confirmation in any way, shape, or form that his version of the character that was featured in the film directed by Pete Travis and written by ’28 Days Later’ and ‘Ex Machina’ filmmaker Alex Garland would definitely be returning, it is a good sign that the wheels are finally beginning to turn. 

But at the end of the day, these conversations could realistically be nothing more than that. Yes, shows like ‘Man in the High Castle’ and ‘Daredevil’ have really elevated what can be done in TV shows these days. Yes, these streaming services have been known to revive properties that were once thought to be completely dead. Yes, it probably helps that a star at Karl Urban’s level is really pushing for this to happen. However, Netflix and Amazon are businesses that will look at the financial profitability and viability and the talks could go either way at this point. 

Do you think that we’ll see a ‘Dredd’ TV series any time soon? Is that something that you’d watch on Netflix or Amazon? Sound off in the comments. 

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