It seems that director Josh Boone (‘The Fault in Our Stars’,’Stuck in Love’) has been taking to social media and posting images of various ‘New Mutants‘. While this isn’t a concrete confirmation that those being posted are going to be on the official roster, it seems his line up is being pretty stable on which of the ‘New Mutants’ are being featured. Fans of the team are going to see some of the roster highlights on display while he could just be showing off some of his favorite characters I do believe that this is who he is hinting will be in his film.

If that is the case, we’re going to be seeing Cannonball, Mirage, Wolfsbane, Sunspot, Magik, and Warlock when the movie hits the big screen. Of course, with casting and a release date still not announced, this is all based on conjecture at this time.

Still, here who the director seems to be eyeing:


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For those unfamiliar with the ‘New Mutants’ they were created by ‘X-Men’ legend Chris Claremont and with the original team truly coming into their own, these were a set of new students for Xavier to train.

Cannonball is eventually one of the leaders of the team after the original leader’s apparent death. He can turn his body into a rocket which he can use to fly and attack. While in this form he is almost invulnerable.

Mirage acts as co-leader with Cannonball and has the ability to create three dimensional illusions.

Wolfsbane is a long term fan favorite and while she isn’t exactly a werewolf, her mutant power pretty much makes her one.
Sunspot has superhuman strength when exposed to daylight and can store solar energy in his body to keep himself powered when its dark thought hat can wear off.

Warlock isn’t technically a mutant but an alien techo-organic race who has joined the New Mutants.

Finally, Magik is rounding out the team and her real name is Illyana Rasputin. That last name will be familiar to some as she is the little sister of Colossus who is a practicing magic user whose mutant power ties directly into her affinity with magic.

With Colossus already being in a variety of ‘X-Men’ films and getting a starring role in ‘Deadpool,’ it would only make sense to bring his sister into the mix. For the rest of those being shown, these haven’t always been the core members of the ‘New Mutants’ but for the most part, they’ve been the most popular.

While I think the roster is great, I wouldn’t have minded Boom-Boom or some of the later members who would join the team only to switch over to being part of ‘X-Factor’. I feel introducing at least one of them here would have been perfect to have them switch over to Cable’s team when he forms it.,

Do you think this team is who you’d like to see for the ‘New Mutants’? Are any major names missing from the roster? Share your thoughts below!

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