‘Captain Marvel’ won’t arrive in theaters until 2019, but speculation has been running wild regarding the first Marvel movie to star a solo female hero.  We know that Marvel Studios is seeking a female director for this project and many names have surfaced as to who might play the hero, otherwise known as Carol Danvers.  MMA fighter Ronda Rousey threw her name into consideration, despite her clearly not being familiar with the character.  (She referred to her as “Miss Marvel” a name she has never gone by.  She was Ms. Marvel before taking on the title Captain Marvel.)  In addition, Charlize Theron, Rebecca Ferguson and Brie Larson have been mentioned to be in the running, but the name most associated with the role is Emily Blunt.

Photo credit: Helga Esteb /
Photo credit: Helga Esteb /


Now that’s just rumor and speculation, but the accomplished actor has been venturing into the sci-fi and action genres with major roles in ‘Sicario’, ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ and ‘Looper’.

Jeff Sneider of The Wrap seems to have an inside track on the ‘Captain Marvel’ movie and in a carefully worded statement, revealed:

“There was a rumour about an actress being up for it; an already existing rumour, that’s not new. I’ve definitely heard there’s some truth to that rumour, and that there’s a director with the same first name who has also been eyed. I don’t think that [an announcement] is too far off. If they can make it to Comic Con, they will.”

Well, I don’t know that there’s anyone else out there named Charlize.

The source article fixated on Blunt landing the role and named several directors who shared the first name Emily.  There’s Emily Carmichael who wrote, directed and animated the series ‘Penny Arcade’ and has also filmed several live-action shorts, as well as Emily Young, who hasn’t directed a feature since 2009’s ‘Veronika Decides To Die’ starring Sarah Michelle Gellar.  In addition, Emily Ting may be a possibility.  She directed last years ‘Always Tomorrow In Hong Kong’.  And another possibility is Emily Hagins, who directed ‘My Sucky Teen Romance’ and ‘Grow Up, Tony Phillips’ as well as ‘Pathogen’ which she helmed when she was only 12 years-old.

BUT I think there is a far more likely candidate.

Photo credit: Helga Esteb /
Photo credit: Helga Esteb /

Rebecca Ferguson, who costarred in last year’s hit ‘Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation’ has also been mentioned in relation to this role and there is a significant director also named Rebecca who is more likely to be in the running.

That would be Rebecca Thomas, who is currently working for Disney, who owns Marvel Studios, on ‘The Little Mermaid’ a live-action adaptation of the animated classic, starring Chloë-Grace Moretz.  I mean, she already has a foot in the door, right?

Does that mean Rebecca Ferguson is a lock?

Well, no.  This is all chatter at this point.  But if *I* were to put down money, it would be on the Rebeccas versus the Emilys.

What do you think?  Who would you like to see play Captain Marvel?  And who do you think should direct?

At any rate, ‘Captain Marvel’ starring whomever, directed by whomever is scheduled for release on March 8, 2018.

Source: Comic Book Movie

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