While out promoting ‘Independence Day: Resurgence‘ recently at CinemaCon, Jeff Goldblum was asked some interesting questions about his future in blockbuster franchises, namely, when is he going to get into the superhero genre. The interviewer felt pretty certain that by this point Goldblum has to have had meetings with either Marvel or DC, or both. His response was typical Goldblum, amusing and cryptic:

“Uhhh, I can say very little right now. But you might be onto something.”

The next question he was asked was about which of the major comic-book publishers was his favorite, Marvel or DC, to which he replied:

“What’s the difference? They’re both comic franchises.”

So while he does not necessarily sound like a fanboy (especially with such a radical statement), it does sound like there might just be something in the works with Goldblum in one of the comic-book movie universes. He would be entertaining if he landed a role in say, a ‘Guardians of the Galaxy‘ movie, or in ‘Captain Marvel,’ as fans are saying he would do well in the cosmic side of things because he can play a character very big, and his trademark eccentricities and speech pattern would be an exotic trait for one of the aliens the cosmic Marvel heroes might encounter. Of course, he could just as easily go over to DC, where he could play a very dynamic and interesting villain (he’s yet to play a really memorable villain), which would be great as I could see Goldblum be both funny and terrifying in a villainous role.

Check out the full interview with MTV News before, and then let us know what your thoughts are on Goldblum crossing into the superhero genre. Do you think he would fit in, and be as excited for these kinds of roles as other actors? Share your opinions and theories on who he could play in the comments below!

Source: Slashfilm

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