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Movie star Dwayne Johnson first gained fame as pro wrestler The Rock and it looks like that ol’ smack talk is still part of his persona.  Johnson is locked in to play supervillain Black Adam in Warner Brothers’ DC Expanded Universe flick ‘Shazam!’ due in 2019, but last fall, he tweeted a picture of himself wearing a Superman shirt.  Now was this an endorsement of WB’s then-upcoming ‘Batman V Superman’?

Probably not.  Here is his original tweet:

As you can see, his captioned the photo “No Capes,” a reference to the fact that his character, Black Adam, doesn’t wear one… yet Superman and Shazam do.  Is a cape a sign of weakness? A fan recently tweeted Johnson asking if Black Adam would be facing off against the other DC movie heroes and Johnson responded:

As you can see, Johnson declared, “Won’t happen in the first movie, but nothing would make me happier. He’s got it comin’. #BlackAdamVsSuperman #Shazam”

In the last decade or so, Black Adam has been one of the more developed villains in the DC Comics roster, as he’s been painted more as a troubled anti-hero, like Magneto, who has a sense of honor but above all else cherishes those close to him, like the citizens of the fictional nation of Khandaq, of which he is the rightful ruler.  If others’ agendas conflict with his, look out!  He is almost as powerful as Superman, but with Adam’s powers being magical in nature, Superman is vulnerable to his attacks.

Based on Johnson’s statement, it sounds as if the ‘Shazam!’ feature will focus solely on the title hero and his conflict with Black Adam.  That’s still some time away, but after that…?  Could we see Johnson’s Black Adam take on other heroes of the DCEU?

In the meantime, Johnson will continue to appear in the ‘Fast’/’Furious’ franchise, which doesn’t look to be running out of gas anytime soon.  Warner Brothers is also looking to revive the ‘Journey’ franchise with Johnson anchoring it and he is attached to the ‘Jumanji’ remake.  And of course, he is currently filming ‘Baywatch’, a film adaptation of the 90s guilty pleasure TV series.

Would you like to see The Rock take on Superman?  (Hope Adam’s mom’s name wasn’t Martha.)

Source: Cinema Blend

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