Earlier today, Deadline reported that MGM had offered the lead role in the upcoming adaptation of Stephen King’s ‘Carrie’ to actress Chloe Moretz. Mere hours later, ComingSoon.net confirmed that Moretz had taken the role.

Moretz is most famous for her role as the violent teenie bopper vigilante Hit-Girl in the comic book adaptation ‘Kick Ass’. She most recently starred in the Oscar-winning ‘Hugo’ and in the horror remake of ‘Let the Right One In’ titled ‘Let Me In’. She will next appear as Carolyn Stoddard in Tim Burton’s big screen version of ‘Dark Shadows’.

‘Carrie’ was the first novel written by Stephen King in 1974. It was first adapted for film by director Brian De Palma in 1976 classic with Sissie Spacek in the lead role. Since then, there has been an ill-fated sequel titled ‘The Rage: Carrie 2’ in 1999 and a made-for-television adaptation in 2002.

The latest version of ‘Carrie’ will be based on a script by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, writer and producer on the television shows ‘Big Love’ and ‘Glee’. According to ComingSoon, the new version is not a remake of De Palma’s film but rather a new adaptation directly based on King’s novel.

With a pedigree of ‘Big Love’ and ‘Glee’, I don’t have high hopes for the script but you never know. I’ve seen writers pull ideas out of seemingly thin air and amaze me by doing something that is out of their usual range. But Moretz is a good actress so, if the script is good enough and they can get a director with real vision, I’d be up for seeing ‘Carrie’ on the big screen again.

What about you? Are you ready for a new film version of ‘Carrie’? Comment below and let us know.