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The Netflix corner of the MCU continues to pump out new rumors and bits of information this week, as the latest news has some of the stars and the executive producer discussing the upcoming series ‘Luke Cage’ and what they hope for the series, as well as for their own characters. Most intriguing of all is the thought that they are hoping for the show to be the MCU’s version of ‘The Wire,’ which is an especially tall order considering the fact that many consider ‘The Wire’ to be one of the best television shows of all time. How could they possibly think that a TV show about a superhero with unbreakable skin could possibly compare to such a modern classic? According to Executive Producer and screenwriter Cheo Hodari Coker:

“It’s very sophisticated. I mean, it’s got a ’90s hip-hop vibe, but it’s really forward-thinking. We have Adrian Younge and Ali Shaheed Muhammad doing the scoring for us. We have a lot of different musical appearances, but at the same time, we’ve got the Marvel action. We’ve got drama. I would like this to be, I mean, I know this is heavy but, The Wire of Marvel television, because we really deal with a lot of different issues.”

I suppose a lot also has to do with the cast and characters in the show, and what they bring to the table. We all know Luke Cage’s story, but there are other characters in the show who will also add depth and life to the series, including a fan-favorite character who will finally be brought to life in ‘Luke Cage.’ That character is Misty Knight, and the actress portraying the iconic character, Simone Missick, had the following to say during a recent interview:

“[Misty Knight] is so larger than life, and being able to put the voice to it for the first time is exciting. And then the writing was so rich. It was like, every day that you open the script, you’re like, “I really get to say this today? I get to do this today? I get to kick ass today?” So it was a lot of fun.”

Also, make sure to check out star Mike Colter’s thoughts on the show and its potential, and the Harlem setting in the video below:

What are your thoughts on the hope that the show will be ‘The Wire’ of the MCU? Do you think it could actually live up to that hype? Share your opinions in the comments below!

Source: Collider