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Lucifer the philanthropist? Possibly the most self-centered character to grace the small screen channeling his inner saint? This week’s Lucifer showcases another side of the devil, one that Chloe, of all people, isn’t too crazy about.

Lucifer doesn't mind basking in Chloe's discomfort
Lucifer doesn’t mind basking in Chloe’s discomfort

Speaking of Detective Chloe, it’s the morning after her drunken ‘come on, sleep with me’ debacle on the heels of Dan breaking up with her via text. We all knew Lucie was going to turn her down but that doesn’t mean he can’t have a little fun at her expense. For a grand total of 30 seconds, he leads her to believe they did the deed, eventually coming clean that he didn’t take advantage of the situation, a choice that has him pulling in all sorts of good vibes. Even his still-simmering anger at Maze can’t unsettle his good mood, those his terse “How about you let me lead my life and I’ll let you lead yours” response to her conversational attempts is a harsh reminder.

Back to the business side of things is the murder of Tim Dunlear, former NBA’er and founder of the Dunlear Foundation. Despite his fast lane exploits during his sports career, Tim had since dedicated his life helping the homeless. The beloved philanthropist’s body was found by Emmitt Toussaint, a Haitian teen, and Tim’s mentee. After talking to him, they interview Vanessa and Kyle, Tim’s wife and assistant, respectively. When Lucifer hears Vanessa’s sorrow at cancelling that night’s benefit, the Morningstar offers up Lux for the venue. But why? It’s simple; he’s trying to recapture the shot of good vibes he had at doing Chloe a solid. He even pays a visit to Dr. Linda to express his breakthrough. She reminds him that goodness must come “from a place of authenticity” and “isn’t a toy”. Sorry, doc, but that type of advice falls on the deafest of ears.

After following Emmitt’s lead to the homeless guy caught hocking Tim’s jewelry, Luc and Chloe pay another visit to Vanessa. Their questions are interrupted by Will Fleming, legal counsel for the Foundation. He points the finger back to Emmitt’s fight with Tim the night before but then the teen drops the first real clue; all was not well in Tim and Vanessa’s relationship. It’s not until they speak with Kyle that the real bombshell drops: Tim was having an affair with the young assistant. Even more surprising is that Vanessa knew all about it. He doesn’t offer much more into the investigation except a single photo of farmland Tim texted to him.

While Lucifer’s tapping his inner do-gooder, Malcolm has Dan trussed up and spills the beans on his plan. Simply put, he’s going to use the gun Dan stole from evidence to put kill Lucifer then blame Danny boy. He even admits his horrific journey into hell and his desire not to go back. Though he despises Lucifer, Dan is committed to his job to protect and serve, eventually cutting himself loose and heading over to stop Malcolm from killing Lucifer.

On the case front, things aren’t going too well, especially with Fleming hounding Chloe and Lucifer refusing to use his talents because he “made a promise” and “it’s about the greater good”. Chloe feels betrayed and ends up tapping Kyle to help with the investigation. The unlikely pair trace Tim’s final days to Port Au Prince where, with Will Fleming’s help, they discover the truth: the school the Dunlear Foundation was tasked to build in Haiti never was…so where did the money go?

Maze and Lucifer begin to mend broken fences.
Maze and Lucifer begin to mend broken fences.

As Lucifer gets ready for the benefit, he gets a visit from the gun-toting Malcolm. When his devil face doesn’t scare the cop off, Lucifer offers Malcolm his Pentecostal coin, a one-way ticket into (or out of) Hell. Malcolm takes the deal and we see Lucifer visibly shaken at the loss of his coin. Vanessa finds him in this state and, as conversation returns to Tim’s death, Lucifer works out her hand in Tim Dunlear’s death. When Lucifer turns his back, Vanessa has the gun waiting and puts and handful of bullets into him. She toddles off to the benefit and Dan arrives to find the prone Lucifer—resurrect, none the worse for wear. He steps to the podium, much to Vanessa’s horrified surprise, just as Chloe and Will Fleming arrive with the proof of Vanessa’s duplicity. Case Closed.

In the aftermath, Lucifer wonders aloud at his ‘sometimes-immortality’ with Maze. Though he tells her to tread carefully, it looks like the duo is back on their way to being peas and carrots. After his convo with Maze, he pays a visit to Chloe to test out a theory. The pair has their most open conversation to date when Chloe admits to Lucie that “I can let my guard down with you. I don’t do that with anyone else. You make me vulnerable, and maybe that’s okay.” As he listens to her, Lucifer plays his hunch and realizes that, somehow, Chloe makes him all too vulnerable.

For the Greater Good

  • “As you can see, the Devil does indeed wear Prada”. Great line for a great exploration of what it means to do good for others. Lucifer is the personification of self-involved and, contrary to his beliefs of his benevolent behavior, only solidifies this as he looks to experience more of that rush of doing the right thing. It’s too much to ask that he learn from this situation but is it possible Lucifer displays a bit less self-involvement? **Shakes 8-ball** ‘Don’t count on it’
  • It was a long time coming but Mazikeen and Amenadiel finally did the deed. The unlikely duo has shown a forbidden chemistry since their first scene together earlier this season. Now, what does it mean for the rest of the season and, more to the point, next year? I have a feeling it’ll add a bit more drama to the fold and maybe, just maybe, we’ll get a few more stories Lucifer would rather us not hear.
  • Another non-surprise is Lucifer’s vulnerability around Chloe. So not only is she immune to his devilish charms but she is his literal kryptonite. That’s all well and good but the question of why has yet to be answered. Unless it’s the big reveal in the season one finale, Chloe’s effect on Lucifer won’t be explored further until next season—and I’m so glad to know that we’ll be having a Season Two to look forward to!