Cathy Lee Crosby

Gal Gadot‘s appearance as Wonder Woman in ‘Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice’ has proven to be a hit with fans, with many considering her the best part of the film.  This is quite an accomplishment, considering Gadot had some pretty big red boots to fill.  Lynda Carter‘s embodiment of the hero in the 70s TV series remains one of the most beloved comic book castings ever.

cathy-lee-crosby-wonder-woman2But did you know that the first season of Carter’s ‘Wonder Woman’ was technically entitled ‘The New Original Wonder Woman’?  Why the awkwardly long title?  Because a year before that series began, ABC aired a different TV movie/pilot simply called ‘Wonder Woman’ starring Cathy Lee Crosby as the superhero… or at least someone who had her name.

As faithful as Carter’s depiction was, Crosby’s was as unfaithful.  For starters, she had blonde hair!  And unlike Carter’s sparkly, comic-accurate leotard, designed by Donfeld, Crosby rocked a very 70s costume with full leggings and a track jacket/tunic with star-spangled sleeves, making her looks slightly like a female version of another 70s icon, Evel Knievel.  The gold eagle breastplate was shrunk down to a small badge and Crosby herself compared the look to a flight attendant’s uniform.

Even so, she was first!  Carter has given her endorsement to Gadot and ‘Wonder Woman’ movie director Patty Jenkins.  Now ‘Inside Edition’ caught up with Crosby to get her thoughts.

Be warned, this is a total puff piece, so don’t expect much insight.  But it’s still kind of fun seeing Crosby’s reaction to Gal Gadot suited up in the role that Crosby originated:

Her shocked “Oh!” response could be positive or negative.  It’s entirely possible she isn’t that familiar with Wonder Woman beyond her portrayal, which Gadot’s looks nothing like.  Or she may very well just be impressed at the modern look.

After ‘Wonder Woman’, Crosby gained greater fame as a host of ‘That’s Incredible’ a variety show that presented average people that could perform amazing feats, which ran from 1980-84.  She has popped up sporadically in subsequent acting roles.

Want to see Cathy Lee Crosby in action as Wonder Woman?  Here is a clip from the original TV movie:

And while Crosby’s take was the first on the air, back in the 60s, ‘Batman’ producer William Dozier created a short pilot for a potential ‘Wonder Woman’ sitcom to serve as a companion piece to his established hit.

It did not make it beyond this short clip, with Ellie Wood Walker in the title role.  After you watch it, you’ll understand why this never went past this point:

If you’re really intrigued about Crosby’s ‘Wonder Woman’, the DVD is available on demand (meaning it is manufactured when you order it, not streaming) from Amazon.

Source: Movie Pilot

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