bbt gang works at lab the big bang theory

Tonight’s ‘The Big Bang Theory’ episode opens with Amy and Sheldon attempting to communicate using Sheldon’s old tried and true computer, which unfortunately seems past its prime (how weird, I remember quite a few seasons ago when Sheldon bought that computer!). Apparently there are keys that no longer work on the keyboard, causing Sheldon to send out confusing emails, and the video chat is constantly cutting out and dropping video and audio. The opening ends with Amy continually trying to tell Sheldon to get a new computer, but the computer keeps cutting out. So she calls her boyfriend, and as Sheldon calmly answers the phone, she yells “Get a new computer!!”

The Solder Excursion DiversionAt work on a Saturday, Leonard and Howard are working on a new project (the first science thing they have built together in some time, not counting the LEGO Millennium Falcon they built the previous weekend), and they are visited by their wives, who offer to help. As the girls get to work (Penny being mildly annoyed that her helpful bluff was called), the guys realize they need more solder, and head out to the store to get some. Along the way, they are offered a free preview screening to the new ‘Suicide Squad’ film, which they just cannot pass up. They text the girls that they have to drive to San Bernardino to get the solder, and got a flat tire, just to cover their bases. Unfortunately for them, Raj had joined the girls in their work at the lab (being bored and lonely at home), and when the guys text Raj to brag about seeing the movie, Raj immediately alerts the girls as to where their husbands have gone. Raj, Penny and Bernie plan revenge, with the idea being that Raj will hide in the storage closet and burst out when they guys get back to call them out on the lie, with the girls first waiting to see how deep a hole the guys dig for themselves. Unfortunately for Raj, the guys arrive with flowers and immediately apologize for going to the movies without their wives, and then ask the ladies to dinner, which completely ruins the revenge. Raj still bursts out, but now his appearance and the reaction is anti-climactic.

bbt amy and sheldon new laptopSheldon meanwhile, invites Amy over for the send-off of his laptop, which at long last has finally died. As he plays Taps on his phone and puts a black blanket over his fallen friend, Amy comments on how ridiculous Sheldon is being. And then she reveals that she bought Sheldon a brand new state-of-the-art laptop, which he cannot even complain about because she used Sheldon’s computer guy to ensure the laptop has all the latest bells and whistles. After Sheldon finally admits how great her gift is, she recommends recycling the old computer for store credit, which Sheldon for some reason cannot bring himself to do. When she asks why, Sheldon takes the computer, makes Amy sign a non-disclosure agreement, and then has her drive them to his storage unit, where she learns Sheldon is a meticulous hoarder, who has never thrown away anything he has ever owned. He even has “sports” equipment, which is just a golf-ball his brother threw at his head once. Ashamed, Sheldon asks Amy if she thinks any less of him, and she says she does not, and appreciates that Sheldon shared this with her, as she is the only other person in the world who has seen his collection old toothbrushes and pine-cones. She encourages Sheldon to take baby steps in managing the unit, taking his time in doing what he wants, and he attempts to throw out the golf ball as they leave, as his first step. Unbeknownst to Amy however, Sheldon only throws out the box the ball was in, and manages to quietly slip the ball back into the unit as he closes the door.

bbt amy and sheldon in storage unitBack at home, Sheldon is still wowed by his new laptop, and sends Amy back to her apartment so they can Skype and he can appreciate the crystal clear image, which disappoints Amy as she had thought his enthusiasm might lead to a little more intimate setting that evening.


PENNY: Wouldn’t it be funny if after all your years of hard work, I was the one who made the scientific break-through? (Leonard looks sad, Penny turns back to Bernadette) He doesn’t think that’s funny.

AMY: (as Sheldon sends off his old laptop) Sheldon this is silly.
SHELDON: You got emotional when that lab monkey died.
AMY: That lab monkey told me he loved me in sign language!

SHELDON: (on his new computer) Look at that 4k resolution! Next time we Skype I’m going to count all those nostril hairs!
AMY: Or you could just look into my eyes.
SHELDON: Well you only have 2 eyes, but you have a lot of nostril hairs.

SHELDON: We’re gonna need to take your car. And I’m going to need you to sign a non-disclosure agreement.
AMY: Well… I signed one before we slept together. Why not now?

BERNADETTE: Hey, since when do you work on the weekend?
RAJ: I’m an astrophysicist. The stars don’t take a day off.
PENNY: You were home alone and had no one to play with?
RAJ: Well the cleaning lady was there…but she doesn’t like me.

RAJ: (getting ready to spring the trap) Oh man! When I come out of the closet I’m going to nail those guys! (beat) Yeah I heard it, shut up.

Pretty solid episode, especially the Sheldon and Amy storyline, though the other storyline truly was a little anti-climactic, and felt like it was missing a joke at the end, and the Raj “in the closet” joke was a little obvious. But I liked the idea of Sheldon being a hoarder, as it goes right along with his personality and OCDs, and enjoyed that Amy is the only one he could open up to about it. I actually thought he might propose to her right there and then, but I guess they’re now waiting for the season finale for that.