Every fall, fans look forward to the new shows debuting on each network, but fans also find themselves crossing their fingers in hopes that their favorite already established shows will return for more exploits. Fans should be fairly happy as a lot of “on the bubble” genre shows have been renewed, despite sometimes shaky ratings.  Their further future lies in viewers hands.  (That means YOU!) Here is a list of the sci-fi, fantasy, horror, comic book, etc. shows that are confirmed to be returning this fall, as well as those that definitely won’t and one that is still on the bubble.


the flash arrow cwEverything – The CW: In an unusual move, The CW renewed all of its existing shows: ‘The 100’, ‘Arrow‘, ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’, ‘DC’s Legends of Tomorrow’, ‘The Flash‘, ‘iZombie’, ‘Jane the Virgin’, ‘The Originals’, ‘Reign’, ‘Supernatural‘ and ‘The Vampire Diaries’. Many are certified hits, while some low-rated programs, namely ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ and ‘Jane the Virgin’ (neither of which are genre shows) are the only series that garner the network any critical acclaim. The one show not coming back, ‘Beauty and the Beast’ was actually already announced as cancelled last year, with this year being the last, in order to wrap it up properly.

‘American Horror Story’ – FX: This is FX’s highest rated show and a social media firestorm.  No surprise here!

Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments’, ‘Monica The Medium‘ – Freeform: Despite tepid ratings, this YA adaptation ‘Shadowhunters’ has been renewed thanks to strong social media buzz. Freeform (formerly ABC Family) has tried its hand at reality TV and failed each time.  It has renewed its newest, ‘Monica the Medium’ about a college-age psychic for a second season.

‘Blindspot’ – NBC: The highest rated show of the 2015 fall season, this one was in the bag. The Walking Dead season 6b zombies thumb

‘Zoo’ – CBS: This thriller about animals that turn on humans proved to be CBS’ highest-rated summer show and will be back again this year.

‘The Walking Dead’, ‘Talking Dead’, ‘Into The Badlands’ – AMC: Yeah no kidding.  The highest rated show on TV is coming back, along with its post-show chat fest. The futuristic martial arts drama ‘Into the Badlands’ was on the fence after it failed to generate the type of buzz AMC’s shows seem to earn without even trying, but the network has confirmed it will return for another installment.

‘Marvel’s Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.’ and ‘Once Upon A Time’ – ABC:  ‘Once…’ is getting pretty long in the tooth and is fairly expensive to produce, but ratings are strong enough to carry on.  ‘Agents…’ was a bit of a surprise.  Like ‘Once…’ it is also expensive, but ratings have really dropped.  But the fact that ABC owns both series outright may have helped tilt the balance in their favor.

‘The Expanse’, ‘Z Nation’, ’12 Monkeys’ – Syfy: The ratings on ‘The Expanse’, a space-based detective series are on par with Syfy’s other shows, but the network was so impressed with this series that it was renewed after just three episodes aired. ‘Z Nation’ is no ‘The Walking Dead’ but ratings are strong enough to earn a third season and ’12 Monkeys’ will also return for a second season.

‘Ash Vs. Evil Dead’ – Starz: Starz actually ordered a second season before the first even aired.  Groovy!

‘The Man In The High Castle‘ and ‘Hand of God’ – Amazon: The parallel universe drama, ‘The Man In The High Castle‘, about a world where Germany and Japan won World War II, garnered the streaming service a Critics’ Choice Award nomination for star Rufus Sewell. ‘Hand of God’, about a judge who believes God has convinced him to become a vigilante, hasn’t received much press but has attracted a devoted following. Also renewed was 80s comedy ‘Red Oaks’.

‘The Librarians’ – TNT: This action-adventure series has performed extremely well, easily landing a third season.

‘The Leftovers’ – HBO: This drama saw a sharp decline in viewers in Season Two, but critical acclaim and a season finale ratings bump convinced HBO to renew it.

‘Wayward Pines’ – FOX: Billed as a limited run series, ‘Wayward Pines‘ delivered excellent ratings, which not surprisingly led FOX to order more.

‘Star Wars: Rebels’ – Disney XD: Disney XD’s #1 show with adults will be Forcing its way back for another season.

‘From Dusk Til Dawn: The Series’ – El Rey: Robert Rodriguez directed the movie this show was based on and owns the network.  So there’s that.  But at this point, only 21% of U.S. households even get El Rey, so if you’re missing out on this show, you’re not alone. And now, sadly here are those that definitely won’t be back:


Pointing a gun at a man that can literally stop time: sounds like spitting in a hurricane to me. ‘Heroes Reborn’ – NBC: This was always billed as a “limited run series” wink wink.  But everyone knew that if ratings were strong, the show would be renewed for additional seasons.  Sadly, ratings were weak to begin with and steadily dropped.  This franchise may be deader than Claire the cheerleader.  (At least we can hope.)

‘Minority Report’ – FOX: The most expensive and ambitious new show on FOX’s schedule this past fall, also proved to be its biggest flop.  FOX cut its episode order mid-season.

‘The Whispers’ – ABC: This was previously reported, but ABC opted to ax this low-rated thriller despite the fact that the first season ended on a cliffhanger!

‘Person of Interest’ – CBS: This just in, this cult favorite series’ fate didn’t look good when it was only given a short 13-episode season and slotted as a midseason replacement.  Now, CBS has officially confirmed its cancellation.

‘Myth Busters’ – Discovery Channel: This institution has performed its last experiment.  Sadly, once this was announced, we started hearing about how the cast never liked one another, casting a nasty shadow on the previous seasons.

‘The Awesomes’ – Hulu: Hulu’s animated superhero comedy, with an all-star cast including Seth Meyers and Rashida Jones, apparently didn’t generate enough streams to carry on.

‘Angel From Hell’, ‘Extant’ – CBS: ‘Angel From Hell’ a sitcom starring Jane Lynch as a devilish guardian angel was already yanked after five episodes, so no surprise, it won’t be back. CBS had high hopes for ‘Extant’, which was exec produced by Steven Spielberg, starring Halle Berry, but sadly it never earned a strong following, even after a reboot attempt.

‘Gravity Falls’ – Disney XD: In a bold and unusual move, this popular series with kids and adults, is ending despite its popularity and strong ratings, because its creator Alex Hirsch decided that the narrative was complete.

‘The Bastard Executioner’ – FX: Created by Kurt Sutter who previously masterminded the cult favorite ‘Sons of Anarchy’, this show, set in the 14th century, was too expensive to produce considering its weak ratings.

‘Defiance’, ‘Dominion’ – Syfy: Both these Syfy originals saw huge dips in the ratings and with Syfy introducing a new slate of original shows, they had to clear some of the dead wood. And finally, there’s…


supergirl-10‘Supergirl’ – CBS: CBS ordered seven extra episodes, bumping Season One up to 20 episodes, but has not yet officially ordered a second season despite comments from CBS President Les Moonves who stated it should be.  Maybe they’re waiting to see how the upcoming crossover with ‘The Flash’ does.

‘Agent Carter’ – ABC:  The network hasn’t given an official yay or nay, but the ratings on this show have steadily declined.  Even so, sources are buzzing that ABC may still renew it for a third adventure.

Now this doesn’t include every show.  We’re only reporting on those that fall within our sites usual parameters.  And some shows’ fates may have yet to be decided by their networks. Which shows are you most excited to see more of?  Are there any that you will miss?

Source: IMDB