Fox’s ‘Gotham’ has just announced Michelle Veintimilla (‘Not Cool’,’Those Who Kill’) has joined the cast as Firefly. You may wonder why she was cast as it would be hard for her to play Garfield Lynns or Ted Carson who were the original versions of Firefly is in the comics but I think we’ve had enough liberties taken with the DC Universe at this point to not be too shocked by any changes that Fox makes. So in this series instead of Lynns or Carson we’ll see her alter ego be that of Bridgit Pike. If that Pike surname does jog your memory you may have noticed that Leo Fitzpatrick had recently signed on as well to play Joe Pike who runs a small gang on the show.

While the two are connected we don’t know if it is from being married or family at this time.

What we do know is that Bridgit Pike is set to show up in the fifth and sixth episodes of the upcoming season and has been forced to join her family’s criminal activities. Something occurs while meeting Selina Kyle that causes her to come up with the Firefly persona. How the future Catwomen puts her on the path to being a costumed criminal is unclear at this point. I wonder if she’ll be in the first stages of her own Catwoman costume at this point which could help encourage a secret identity. Past the creation of her costumed persona, Bridgit doesn’t have a chance to look back after a “deadly meeting” that she has with the Pike Brothers which puts her firmly on the path of being a criminal.

The comic versions of the character have been varied from a common criminal knowing special effects to a wealthy gold mine owner who goes a little crazy with explosives and turns to a life of crime to regain his fortunes.

Firefly is just one of many new characters as we’ll also see the first appearances of Mad Hatter, Calendar Man, Hugo Strange, Mr. Freeze, and Tigress. Not to mention the continuation of origin stories for already introduced villains such as Penguin and Joker.

Are you looking forward to another villain popping up on ‘Gotham’ or is it already one (or ten) too many for your taste? No matter how you look at it this is one DC Universe where it is clearly the villains who make the hero and there is no excuse that it is Batman’s fault for existing that all of these villains start to show up. Share your thoughts below!

The second season of ‘Gotham’ will return on Monday September 21st, 2015.

Source: Cinema Blend.