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We haven’t seen much from NBC’s next DC project titled ‘Powerless‘ but photos of Crimson Fox on set have surfaced! The series is a half-hour comedy by Ben Queen that is being billed as a “workplace comedy” much like Marvel’s upcoming ‘Damage Control‘ and NBC’s classic comicy ‘The Office’. Early news from production mentioned that a DC Hero cameo would surprise fans but maybe the true surprise is it being a character which most non-diehard fans won’t recognize. Even those familiar with her from the comic will be a bit surprised as she doesn’t quite have the same costume that any fans might be used to. Of course, as she is only making a cameo and hasn’t been announced as a series regular the authenticity factor probably isn’t that high on the creator’s priority list.

While the original cameo call seemed strange, that all changed when NBC Execs Jennifer Salke and Robert Greenblatt said:

“The idea isn’t that it’s the crème de la crème of the superheroes. It’s a world where there’s a whole population of superheroes with all sorts of challenges themselves.”

So we can expect quite a few lesser known names to crop up with a potential occasional appearance or reference to one of DC’s mainstream heroes or villains.

You can check out the first look of Crimson Fox below!

In ‘Powerless’ we’ll be following one of worst insurance companies in the country to work for. The insurance adjusters who work there have to basically figure out how to take care of the collateral damage that happens after super heroes have saved the day and now a city is in ruins. On the series we know that Vanessa Hudgens is set to play Emily who will be the lead character of a cast that will also include Alan Tudyk, Christina Kirk, and Danny Pudl. With the show in production, chances are we will see it premiere this Fall though again, no exact date has been announced yet.

Are you excited for a superheroless comedy that takes place in a world where they exist? Do you think that DC’s ‘Powerless’ or Marvel’s ‘Damage Control’ will fare better on the small screen and in ratings? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Heroic Hollywood