Last week on ‘True Blood’, we learned that LaFayette is a medium, Sam learned Tommy is a Skinwalker, Tara teamed up with Antonia to bring the vampires to their true death and Eric and Sookie finally got together. Not only did we learn all of that, but at the end of the episode Antonia gathered a circle together to begin the spell, pulling one vampire out of their coffin and into the sunlight, and (even though she was silvered), Jessica out into the sun. Which of course makes a perfect cliffhanger for any ‘True Blood’ fan, wanting to know if Jessica is all right. She might not have been a part of the books, but her character has quickly become a favorite in the community.

This week began with Jason tackling Jessica back into Bill’s mansion, keeping her from meeting the sun. She was still under the spell though and turned around to bite Jason. As she was about to, the spell faded and she was able to control herself. She kissed him as a thank you for saving her life…which turned into more of a heavy petting session. Jason then carried Jessica downstairs to where Bill was still chained. He gives Jason his eternal thanks, which triggers Jessica to feelremorse for killing Bucky.  Jason re-silvers Jessica and leaves. Bill says he wants Antonia back in a cell.

The Sherevepoint Werewolves are having a meeting about the Vampires vs Witches battle currently going on, however Marcus (the alpha) has stated that he wants the pack to stay out of it. One of the pups tries to say that he could pick a fight with a vampire, but Marcus quickly shuts him down. Later on that night, Alcide and Debbie are speaking with Marcus when a fight breaks out in the pack with the pup who said he could take on a vampire. Alcide helps intervene causing the fight to die down. Marcus makes a phone call that he is going to tuck his daughter in for the night and says goodnight to Debbie and Alcide. While walking away, Debbie says being in a pack is good for her and that she shouldn’t be alive but she is and this is helping her. She makes Alcide promise not to see Sookie, because vampires are her baggage. Alcide says that he will stay away from her after some hesitation.  Marcus goes to see his daughter, who is also Luna’s daughter Emma. Sam is over after making amends with Luna about Tommy, which causes Marcus to become very angry very quickly. He picks a fight with both Sam and Luna before Luna threatens to call his parole officer. Luna takes Emma into a different room and then Marcus threatens Sam again before leaving.

LaFayette walks into the kitchen at Merlotts where Terry and Arlene are fighting while Mikey is in the crib being sang to by the Black Woman Spirit. He walks away saying he didn’t want to deal with it. Later on, LaFayette is asleep on his couch when the Black Woman Spirit comes to him in his dream. She shows him her story, that she was the mother to a white man’s child who was murdered by the father. She wanted to hold him one last time, wanted to hold a funeral, but was denied. She saved up all of her money to buy him a doll, which turns out to be the creepy doll that Mikey carries, but is told that she couldn’t see him. LaFayette wakes up to see the Spirit in his doorway who then possesses him without his permission. As the woman, he goes to the Bellefleurs where Terry and Arlene are staying after their house fire and takes Andy’s gun, Mikey and the doll.

In a dream we see Jessica tells Hoyt that she wants to move out. Hoyt breaks down sobbing, telling Jessica that he would die without her and begs her to stay. He keeps repeating that he will die without her, so she screams, “Then die!” and bashes his head into the banister. She then goes out to Jason’s truck, where he tells her he wants to have sex with her right there. Suddenly, Jessica wakes up where she was silvered last with a “donor” waiting to give her blood. After she feeds, she goes home to Hoyt who is watching TV. Sensing something is off, Hoyt asks her what is wrong. She tells him that it was a mistake moving in together and that they were too young and moving too fast. Hoyt gets angry, saying he is too good for her, that he deserves a normal life, that his mother was right…etc..(things that he knew would hurt Jessica). He then rescinded Jessica’s invitation to the house, thus throwing her out. Jessica then goes to Jason’s house hoping for some comfort. She goes in and tells Jason that she and Hoyt broke up, which Jason reacts angrily to, being that Hoyt is his best friend. He rescinds his invitation as well, throwing Jessica out for the second time that night and leaving her nowhere to go.

Bill has issues a statement to the media, saying that hate is powerful and a lot of the vampires are committing suicide because of the hate they receive for the violent Russell Edgington attack the previous year. Bill is using suicide as a cover-up for the one vampire that Antonia did manage to kill. Bill then calls Antonia, but Tara answers much to Bill’s surprise, and they begin to talk. Bill asks for peace, admitting that Eric being the sheriff to go over there in the first place was not a good choice and it was arrogance on his part. Antonia, who is much more reluctant to speak to Bill, agrees to meet with him at the cemetery at midnight.

After the spell has died down, Eric realizes that he hasn’t fed since Claudine. Sookie decides that she trusts him enough to feed off of her, but he tells her to hold silver in her hand just in case. Eric begins to feed, and then stops to bite his own palm. He says they will be together, and Sookie drinks his blood. In the shower together, Sookie calls Eric a miracle, and they begin a hallucination together of being in snowy woods where they make love on a bed made for them. Sookie didn’t believe she could love again after Bill, but “All is possible.” After the hallucination ends, Sookie tells Eric she wishes that he could stay this way forever. Eric wants to run away so they could be together forever, but Sookie doesn’t want to leave Bill behind, and also wants Eric to embrace part of his true nature and become a warrior again. “There is no such thing as forever.” After they get dressed, the pair go to see Bill. Eric tells Bill that he wants to fight and stand by his king. Bill tries to object to Sookie joining the fight, but she says she would rather die then run away, especially since she could use her powers to help. Bill thanks them both. Alcide shows up at Sookie’s house, pounding on her door.

Bill waits for Antonia in the graveyard, and they both know neither is alone. Sookie and Tara both realize that they are on opposing sides. The fight starts with Eric pulling out the heart of one of the witches, and Antonia calls on a heavy fog. Tara shoots one of the vampires, and Pam grabs the gun and attacks Tara. Bill stops Pam, and commands her that she will never harm Tara. Sookie is shot, which causes both Bill and Eric to freeze momentarily, which is enough for Bill to get captured and Eric to fall under Antonia’s spell. Alcide hears the shots and comes running from Sookie’s house, who then picks her up right as she passes out. Debbie had followed him, and saw what he did. The final thing you see is Antonia stroking Eric’s hair.

So this week left us with another huge cliffhanger, with not much of a preview for next week. We’re closing in fast on this season’s finale, and with only 4 episodes to go, do you think this story line will have a great ending? How do you feel about Eric and Sookie being together? Where do you think Jessica is going to end up? I think with how fast paced things are moving now I think we have what I call a rough few weeks ahead. I call them rough just because I don’t want to wait for the next episode…or the next season!

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