Finn Jones Iron Fist

Netflix and Marvel are finally moving forward with ‘Iron Fist’ the fourth series that was announced way back in 2013.  The show is currently planned for a fall 2017 release, with Finn Jones as the lead hero, also known as Danny Rand.  And who will be part of his world?

We already know Jeryn Hogarth, played by Carrie-Anne Moss on ‘Jessica Jones’ will be appearing.  Last week, we heard that Marvel’s Master of Kung-Fu, Shang-Chi would be part of the show.  Then we heard that he wouldn’t.  So make of that what you will.

Now the casting call sheet for the series lists several other supporting characters, but these are pseudonyms– thinly veiled ones, as the first initial of their names easily correspond to characters from the ‘Iron Fist’ comics.


The first name on the casting list is “Devon.”  For the part, producers are seeking a 25-30 year old male of “Asian, East Indian or Pacific Islander” descent.  The role is described as an “intelligent, thoughtful warrior.”  The casting calls for martial arts training.

This role is most likely that of Davros, a.k.a. the Steel Serpent, the son of Danny Rand’s mentor Lei Kung.  Steel Serpent is also an adept martial artist and, like Danny, can harness the power of the Iron Fist.

“Steel Serpent” has been mentioned on ‘Daredevil’ via Madame Gao’s heroin packets.


The next character producers are seeking is “Christine” a 25-30 year old Asian female, described as “New York toughness mixed with a businesswoman savvy.”  Once more, martial arts training is requested.

The character Misty Knight (played by Simone Missick) will debut on ‘Luke Cage’ and now it seems that character’s longtime comic book partner Colleen Wing (not “Christine”) will pop up on ‘Iron Fist’.  In the comics, Colleen Wing and Misty Knight form the Nightwing Investigations firm a.k.a. the Daughters of the Dragon.  Colleen is a martial arts expert, specializing in the use of a katana.


Finally there are “Jody” a 25-30 year old Caucasian female, described as “highly-educated, logical and compassionate” and “Walter,” a 30-35 year old Caucasian male who is “intelligent and insecure, brilliant in the office but has a ruthless streak.”

“Jody” is most likely Joy Meachum, the daughter of Harold Meachum, the former business partner of Wendell Rand, Danny’s father.  In the comics, Harold killed Wendell while they were hiking near K’un-L’un and left Danny to die.  Instead, Danny was taken in by Lei Kung and trained in the martial arts.  Upon his return to the U.S., he confronted Harold, who was killed in front of him with Iron Fist taking the fall for the murder.


Joy teamed with her uncle Ward (a.k.a. “Walter”) (Harold’s brother) to get revenge on Iron Fist which involved getting tangled up with Steel Serpent.

Iron Fist eventually cleared his name and he and Joy became allies.  But Ward carried on as an antagonist, at one point teaming with the villain Shades, who is slated to appear on ‘Luke Cage’ played by Theo Rossi.

It sounds like they are drawing very heavily from the comics, so old-school fans should be quite happy.

What do you think?  Are there any other ‘Iron Fist’ characters you’d like to see on the show?

Source: Cinema Blend