So Daisy Ridley, who played Rey in ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’, should never work because she’s not heavy enough?  That was apparently the point one Instagram user was trying to make when he created a meme skinny-shaming Daisy Ridley for not being curvy enough.


Seriously, we’re skinny-shaming now?  In a phenomenon that seems entirely focused on female celebrities, it seems they are either too fat or too skinny, never mind the fact that males and females come in all shapes and sizes.  Never mind the fact that her character lives on a desert planet and has to scavenge to get ANYTHING to eat AND she’s a teenager/young adult.

Ridley clapped back with the response seen above.  Then after the original post was deleted, she wrote the following editorial:

Are we done?  While yes there are plenty of strong female role models, something about Rey struck a chord and she has been embraced by the masses.  Yes someone felt the need to take jabs because her starving, desert-dwelling character didn’t weight as much as Jabba The Hutt.  Buy a clue.

What do you think?  Should Rey have been more voluptuous?  Who else should have been cast in this role?

Source: Entertainment Tonight