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Apparently Warner Bros is so impressed by the footage they have seen of David Ayer’s ‘Suicide Squad‘ film that they have already started working on the sequel, even though the first film’s premiere is not for months. It is definitely an odd move, as even ‘Deadpool‘ studio 20th Century Fox did not order the sequel until the week the film came out, and even then the industry was surprised to see such confidence in a film whose opening numbers were not yet known. And now, Warner Bros orders a ‘Suicide Squad’ sequel months ahead of time, aiming for a release in 2018, and wanting to bring back the entire cast, including director Ayer. Check out the tweets below from Justin Kroll confirming the story:

At this point, people cannot help but wonder what the deal is. Is the film honestly that amazing that Warner Bros has absolutely no doubt that it will be a hit? (doubtful, as studios are notoriously squeamish about betting too heavily on any movie). Others are wondering if this movie has more to do with the overall state of the DC Cinematic Universe, as rumor has it that test audiences for ‘Batman V Superman’ are none too pleased with the blockbuster, and Warner Bros might be adding a ‘Suicide Squad’ sequel to their line-up to bump back the ‘Justice League’ movie so they have time to re-tool and figure out what went wrong with ‘Batman V Superman.’ (this explanation makes SO much more sense to me, though it also makes me sad as I genuinely wanted ‘Batman V Superman’ to be good).

Of course, the only issue for the studio is that Ayer is currently busy with a new film, ‘Bright,’ which will prevent him from being able to write the second ‘Suicide Squad’ movie with the tight turnaround the studio is pushing for. Kroll also has a tweet confirming this part of the story:

Of course, Ayer will most likely still be there to direct, and last minute additions and rewrites to a script are pretty normal in Hollywood, but one does hope that they are not rushing too much with the sequel, because if the first ‘Suicide Squad’ is as good as Warner Bros thinks it is, they should be careful not to ruin the follow-up by rushing it out the door.

What are your thoughts on Warner Bros pushing out a sequel for ‘Suicide Squad’ this early? Are these but the first cracks in the DC Cinematic Universe, heralding the destruction of everything the studio was trying to accomplish with its heroes? Share your opinions in the comments below!

Source: Cinema Blend