Even though a manned mission to Mars may still feel unattainable, the White House isn’t giving up on the dream of one day colonizing other planets in our solar system.

The Office of Science and Technology held a workshop earlier in February called Homesteading in Space – Inspiring the Nation through Science Fiction. Deputy Director for Policy teamed up with the Museum of Science Fiction to bring together people in the field of both the sciences and the arts to determine the challenges of settling on other planets.

Kalil sees a huge benefit in drawing upon the ideas in science fiction.

“I believe science fiction can provide a simulator for the societal risks and benefits of new technologies. This is useful in the same way that scenario planning helps organizations prepare for the future.

The workshop focused on not only the challenges of space exploration but also on the objectives of acquiring materials found outside our planet for necessities such as food and fuel.

Kalil states, “Over the longer term, scientists and engineers have even more transformative ideas that take advantage of current and future capabilities in synthetic biology, robotics, digital maters, exponential manufacturing, and an interplanetary Internet.”

Oh boy, interplanetary Internet. One can only imagine the problems that could arise with network connectivity.

While some may believe there are more pressing matters at hand, particularly as we get riled up during an election, there may be some benefit to spitballing ideas. After all, some of us may want to bounce come this November.

Source: Gizmodo