Grimm Key Move

“It is not down on any map;
True places never are.”

Picking up where we left our Grimmsters two weeks back, Nick, Monroe, and the gang put their heads together in order to narrow down the search for the treasures taken during the sack of Constantinople. While Wolfach is the initial location, they need something a bit more specific. They eventually focus in on a particular spot and it’s enough to get the ball rolling. Nick and Monroe are going intercontinental!

The Grimm Scoobies determine that X indeed marks the spot.
The Grimm Scoobies determine that X indeed marks the spot.

But first, a most interesting goodbye takes place between Nick and Adalind. Though she is hesitant for Nick to take the trip, she understands his motives. She knows the danger of what he’s doing and understands there’s a chance he may not come back. The uncertainty gives her to courage to admit her feelings for Nick…the two, despite their history share a most intimate of nights, with Adalind revealing her love for our favorite Grimm. The afterglow doesn’t last long, first by Nick’s own thoughts of their rocky past and then Trubel’s call. The young Grimm and Hadrian Wall agent give Nick the 411 on Marwan Hanano. The information is scant at best but, by bringing in Renard and the Portland PD, they are able to get an APB out on Marwan.

Earlier, Marwan meets with Lucien Petrovitch. It becomes clear during their meet that it’s a hit job, one that Marwan, after being made by the police, wants to abort. Lucien is clear that’s not an option and then hands Marwan a picture of the target: Captain Renard.

Speaking of the good police captain, Renard is fully behind Andrew Dixon’s mayoral campaign, even digging up some very incriminating dirt on Stephen Gallagher, Dixon’s opposition. It eventually becomes clear to the rest of the gang that the Dixon rally is Marwan’s target but by the time they (and Hadrian’s Wall) discern this, it’s too late as Marwan takes aim at Renard and…

Puts a bullet in Andrew Dixon instead…

Nick and Monroe reach the possible location of the Knights treasure
Nick and Monroe reach the possible location of the Knights treasure

Across the pond in Wolfach, Nick and Monroe (traveling under aliases) arrive at the church pinpointed by their research. Unfortunately, Nick gets made as a Grimm by a Wesen church worker and, when the pair talk to the Father, his information on the church eliminates it from contention as a location for the treasure. Nick hypothesizes that the ‘X’ on the map isn’t about the church but a location closer to the confluences of the river. This leads them to the woods and a hilltop where it doesn’t take long for them to discover some manmade stones that are in the shape of a foundation but, soon after confirming this, the ground underneath our duo’s feet give way, dropping them into the unknown…


  • Both a lot and a little happened during this hour. Starting with the unexpected shooting of Andrew Dixon. Earlier, all signs pointed to Renard as the target but now, after Marwan put a bullet in the mayoral candidate’s chest, one has to wonder if the entire thing was a ploy to put Renard in the driver’s seat. A few weeks back, Rachel Wood hinted at her belief that Renard would be a perfect candidate. Add to that Wood ‘taking a call’ moments before the shooting and there’s no denying that something fishy is going on.
  • Another developing situation is Nick and Monroe unknowingly being followed by the church Father and a few of his thugs. As they gathered before tracking down our heroes in the forest, he asks if the men are ready to “do what must be done”; sure the cowardly Wesen repeats that the Grimm needs to die but that’s a bit too easy to expected. It seems as if this season has had more misdirections than any two seasons combined so it wouldn’t be surprising to discover the Father, despite being a Blutbod, is responsible for protecting the treasure from the unworthy…or something along those lines.
  • And let’s not forget about the Nick/Adalind tryst. Though their burgeoning feelings for one another have been there for all to see, it was still surprising that Adalind dropped all pretense and caution, laying herself bare for Nick to accept or reject her love. Sure, he may not have reciprocated her love for him—something he admitted to Monroe, he wasn’t sure about—but he does care for her. Just where this may lead is still up in the air but will be a hoot to watch play out.