Lady Gaga won an Emmy Award for her role as The Countess on ‘American Horror Story: Hotel’ but considering that she is most famous for being a pop star, it wasn’t a given that she would return for future installments.  Rest assured she has now confirmed a return appearance, although she may not anchor the series the way she did on ‘Hotel’.

When asked if she would be coming back for the show’s sixth installment, she answered:

“Yes.  I can’t promise you how or when or anything like that.”

Hmmmm.  Considering that we don’t know what the subject of this upcoming season is, it’s hard to speculate on what Gaga’s role will be.  But another returning cast member seems to know a bit more.

Angela Bassett, who played blaxploitation star Ramona Royale on ‘Hotel’ as well as voodoo queen Marie Laveau on ‘Coven’ and three-breasted woman Desiree Dupree on ‘Freak Show’ is also returning for the next installment.

While promoting her current movie ‘London Has Fallen’, Basset discussed ‘AHS’ saying:

“I will be back… I think I might be psychic. I think. But it can all change, we don’t start filming until June this year, so anything is possible and everything can change between now and then.”

‘American Horror Story’ is, of course, an anthology with many of the same cast members returning season after season in different roles.  But in the past few seasons, certain characters have returned from previous seasons.  Most notably, Sarah Paulson portrayed new character Hypodermic Sally on ‘Hotel’ as well as Billie Dean Howard, the same character she played on Season One.

It was revealed that all seasons of ‘American Horror Story’ take place in the same world, so it’s possible that viewers will see more returning characters as the show continues to unfold.

Are you happy that Lady Gaga and Angela Bassett will be returning for another season of this series?

‘American Horror Story’ is slated to return to FX in October.

Source: Collider