lot legends at the alter of arrow

Star City 2046Picking up right where last week left off (even reusing the first minute or so from the end of last week’s episode), the Legends are now stranded in Star City of 2046, where the Waverider has crashed “in place and time” (ridiculous line) and needs repairs. On their first exploratory mission, the team comes across what they think is the Green Arrow, Oliver Queen, but turns out to be a much younger man, who immediately attacks them (for no apparent reason. They were not threatening him). His attacked is halted as the team flees back to the Waverider (apparently a lone archer is enough to scare a team of SUPERHEROS with POWERS, but whatever, it is ‘Legends’ logic). Back at the ship, they realize they need to get the engines repaired and leave Star City 2046, so they split into two teams to accomplish this task.

Team 1 consists of Ray, Jax, Stein and Kendra, working to repair the damage to the ship’s engines and to Gideon herself. Apparently the inner workings of a time machine/space ship are simple enough that Jax can read an instruction manual in his downtime (WHEN have they had downtime? It’s been one thing after another for the team!) and be a knowledgable ship mechanic. (Is Rip not worried that Jax learning all the inner workings of his ship might affect the timeline when Jax returns to his own time with detailed knowledge of future tech?). Anyways, the four of them work together to repair the ship, with Stein quickly realizing through his link with Jax that the young man has feelings for Kendra, and is angered by how easily she and Ray get along and talk. Stein encourages Jax to be confident, and then tries to test the waters with Ray to see if the man is actually interested in Kendra, but in doing so inadvertantly piques Ray’s interest in the woman, much to the consternation of Jax. Fortunately, at the end of the day when Ray tries to ask out Kendra, she reminds him that she is still grieving for her fated lover who she recently just met after learning about all of her lives and her destiny as a hawk-warrior goddess. Translation, she does not have time for high-school drama, or boys right now. Jax overhears the whole conversation and laughs at Palmer’s misfortune, but Ray points out that Jax would not have had a shot either, clearly aware that Jax was also vying for her attention. While the boys might have been shot down by Kendra, it looks like a new friendship might be forming.

lot connor and mick argumentTeam 2 consists of Rip, Mick, Snart and Sara who are off to find a prototype piece of technology they can use to fix Gideon, though Rip did not want Sara going along because of her attachment to the city, and potential to want to get involved. Still, she insists, so she is there when the team goes into hiding when they are attacked by a gang of criminals on motor-cycles, and watch as the new Green Arrow tries to drive them off. When she sees the hero get shot, she runs out to help him, followed by Rip, who does not want her getting too involved. As for Mick and Snart, Mick confronts the gang head on, takes down their leader, and assumes command, loving the Star City overrun with criminals and anarchy, and deciding he wants to stay in this timeline. Snart does not agree, but lets Mick have his fun for the moment. Sara meanwhile catches up with the new Green Arrow, gaining his trust when she reveals she knows Oliver Queen, and learning his name is Connor Hawke (his new costume is bullet proof apparently). He informs her that Oliver Queen is dead (right, like I believe they would really do that) and everyone else from Team Arrow is either dead or fled the city when Deathstroke returned with his gang to overtake the city. Conveniently enough, Deathstroke attacks at that moment, and though Sara thinks it is Slade Wilson, we learn it is actually Slade Wilson’s son, Grant Wilson (most likely because the show did not have the budget to get Manu Bennett to come back, much the same reason why the rest of the ‘Arrow’ cast is not there). They escape and piss off Grant Wilson, who demands all criminals in town to hunt down the Green Arr0w, including Mick’s new gang, as we learn Heatwave is not actually in control, as they all swear allegiance to Deathstroke. This opens up an argument between Mick and Snart about staying in the future, as Mick does not want to leave, and both men get heated (no pun intended). Snart offers a deal, that they can work it out after they meet up with/save the team from Deathstroke’s men, which Mick agrees to.

lot old oliver green arrowAfter a roundabout search Rip, Sara and Connor find themselves in the old Arrow Cave, which is a wreck. Inside they encounter old Oliver Queen, who has lost an arm and grown a beard that looks suspiciously fake and glued on. Oliver has given up on the city, though he does claim if Sara and Ray had not left they might have stood a chance against Deathstroke’s army. (seriously? those two would have made ALL the difference? sounds like ‘Legends’ is trying to make Sara and Ray seem bigger than they actually are). Through Oliver we learn Connor is actually John Diggle Jr, and that he gave us his given name and took the name Connor when he failed to prevent his father from dying. (Ok, I guess. Though his codename is already Green Arrow, so Connor Hawke is his second code-name? Why does it even matter if he’s been fighting his war in the city alone for years, and Deathstroke’s men only know him as Green Arrow? I’m confused). Oliver points them in the direction of a Smoak Technologies warehouse (Star City has even more convenient abandoned warehouses in the future than they do in the present on ‘Arrow’), where Sara, Rip and Connor go to try to find the prototype. As Sara finds a strange dufflebag, Rip (and this is confusing) just happens to find the exact prototype they are looking for fairly easily, just as Deathstroke and his men attack. Sara and Rip fend them off, helped by the timely arrival of Captain Cold and Heatwave, but unfortunately Star City 2046Connor is taken captive during the fight. With their friends saved, Mick and Snart’s argument about staying continues, but is cut short as Snart knocks out Mick and carries him back to the ship with Rip and Sara (apparently kidnapping one’s partner is a regular occurrence amongst the Legends).

Back on the ship, everything is just about ready to go, but Sara does not want to leave Connor in Deathstoke’s clutches. Rip points out that this is just a potential future and will not matter, but Sara still cannot abandon the man. Rip gives her one hour, and says he will leave her behind if she is not back. Meanwhile, Mick wakes up pissed at Snart, as he realizes more and more that Snart is interested in being a hero, which is something Mick is not willing to be. He wants to watch the world burn (really dumb, I know, but its what he said). Sara finds Oliver and gives him a pep talk, presenting him with the bow and arrows she salvaged from the Smoak Technologies warehouse (in the duffel bag), and convinces him to help her save Connor. So of course, right before Connor is beheaded (might have just been the shot, but it feels like Deathstroke should have taken the arrows out of Connor’s quiver before chopping off his head, they are clearly protecting the back of his neck), lot old green arrow v new deathstrokeSara allows herself to be captured as a distraction so the old Green Arrow can attack. And when hell breaks loose the rest of the legends join in the fray, Rip being convinced to help Sara by Stein. Oliver duels with Deathstroke, throwing his bow to Connor who lands a net arrow on the villain, putting the new Deathstroke down. The good guys having won, Oliver agrees to re-activate the old Arrow Cave and work with Connor to save Star City, and the legends leave knowing they saved this future, even if it is just a possible future. With the Waverider repaired, they take off for times unknown (literally, Rip did not say where they were going).


lot legends and connor– Mick is on his way for a major team betrayal. But since this show is so cliche, he will betray the team, feel guilty, be urged along to help everyone by new buddy Ray, and only after saving the day will he fully commit himself to the Legends and being a hero.

– Rip needs to take the stick out of his bum. He’s mad at Sara for trying to save her future….but isn’t he doing the same? Isn’t he trying to change a potential future where Savage kills his family? Getting tired of time travel double standards.

While I enjoyed the riff on the future in this episode, the show still has a long way to go to impress me. It still feels like we are introducing who the characters are, and this deep into the season it should be less about who they are exactly, and more about where they are going, they should be well into solid story/character arcs by now, and I’m just not seeing it. The best part of this episode were the Green Arrows, and that’s sad considering the kind of heroes with really cool powers we have on the legends team. Here’s hoping they manage to get things back on track during next week’s hiatus.