Progress is being made for ‘Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark‘ as Guillermo del Toro (‘Pacific Rim’,’Hellboy’) has just tapped the writing team of Dan and Kevin Hageman (‘Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu’,’The Lego Movie’) to work with him on the script. The trio had recently worked together on del Toro’s upcoming Netflix release of ‘Trollhunters‘ and when he had the opportunity to bring them in on this film he jumped on it!

Here’s why he felt that they would be a great fit to work with:

“I have had such a great time working with the Hagemans on Trollhunters — and they have proven to be such brilliant writers — that the fit for this material was just perfect: they grew up with the books, they love the genre and they are smart and emotional when writing characters.”

Having writers who already know the source material as well as del Toro does seem to make them the perfect fit to get this story from page to the big screen. Speaking of taking it to the big screen, with ‘Pacific Rim 2’ now being directed by Steven S. DeKnight (‘Daredevil’,’Sparticus’), del Toro suddenly has some free time in his schedule and there is a chance we could see him directing the film as well. Of course, it will be just as likely that he will be too busy working on ‘Fantastic Voyage‘ or any of his many other projects to try and direct this one.

Scripts of this adaptation have been floating around for awhile and have previously been tackled by Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton of the ‘Saw’ franchise as well as John August (‘Big Fish’,’Frankenweenie’), though it sounds like this new take won’t be using any of what has been written so far.

No word yet as to a release date, potential casting, or if they want to develop this as a stand alone or the first installment of an ongoing cinematic series.

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Source: Screen Rant