bbt sheldon loves will whedons toast

The episode opens with Sheldon, Amy, Leonard and Penny heading down the endless stairs of the apartment building, as Amy decides to bring up the topic of Sheldon’s birthday. He reluctantly agrees to speak on the matter, despite making his friends avoid his birthday for 9 years, but when the gang turns around Sheldon has fled back up the stairs to the apartment. They follow him back upstairs, but find Sheldon is missing. He pops out from behind the couch, making the three of them jump in fright, and then proceeds to point out surprises are one of the many potential issues with birthdays. When questioned about why he would not enjoy a day that is all about him, Sheldon reveals that his birthdays were always ruined growing up because he had to share them with his twin sister. And when they had parties Sheldon never had any friends, and his sister and her friends would pick on him mercilessly. Still, Amy convinces him to have a party because he made her last birthday so memorable.

The Big Bang TheoryAt the comic book store, Leonard, Howard and Raj discuss the upcoming birthday, and Leonard tells the guys that one way Sheldon’s sister used to torture him was by making him think Batman was coming to the party, which of course he never did. They realize that Stuart has Adam West’s contact information (the man almost did an appearance at the comic shop, but it seems he was too “diva” for Stuart, not wanting to take the bus, bring his own lunch, or let Stuart crash on his couch), and they decide they will get Adam West to show up to Sheldon’s birthday party.

Later, the gang questions Sheldon on the details of the party, everything from which balloons to use (never water balloons, as apparently Sheldon will throw himself off the roof), music type (he only likes Marching bands and Tibetan throat singing, so Penny decides no music it is), and what kind of cake Sheldon likes. Later, Sheldon is exiled from the apartment as everyone gets the party together, and he finds himself waiting for the festivities to begin alone with Amy, complaining that he is not there to tell everyone they’re decorating wrong. At the apartment, the guests are arriving, including Leonard’s mother, who says she came because Sheldon took the time to come to her 60th birthday party, which she incidentally did not invite Leonard too. Adam West has arrived as well, driven by Leonard, Howard and Raj, with a rousing discussion of who was the best Batman in the car, with West still putting himself on top of the list, mainly because when he entered the room, people knew he was Batman, unlike Bale who had to come up with the phrase “I am Batman.”

bbt sheldon and penny in bathroomAmy hints that she wants to get amorous since its now Sheldon’s birthday, which he completely misses. They get the text that the party is ready to go, and they head over, with Sheldon feeling a little light-headed on his way there. The door opens and he sees a room full of friends and presents, and Sheldon has a panic attack, and flees to the bathroom. As Leonard and Amy fight over who should go talk to Sheldon (both claiming they should go because of time, percent of his body they’ve seen naked, and percent of their own bodies Sheldon has seen naked), Penny takes it upon herself to go talk to Sheldon. She has a nice moment with him in the bathroom, letting him know that he is one of her favorite people and everyone out there loves him and accepts his weirdness. Sheldon decides to come back out, and after a lovely toast by Amy, decides everyone should toast him. The only toast failure in the room is Wolowitz (according to Sheldon), and everyone from Leonard’s mother to Will Whedon delivers praise to Sheldon for adding some variety, entertainment, and intelligence in their lives.

bbt gang singing happy birthday to sheldonOf course, the last person to toast is Stuart, who has spent the episode complaining how he does not really feel like he is part of the group. Penny encourages him to speak, but right when his toast starts Amy interrupts him as she has Stephen Hawking on the computer, who wants to wish Sheldon a Happy Birthday. Belatedly they realize the renown scientist is actually singing Sheldon the Happy Birthday song, so they pull out the cake and start singing the song with him, which does not go quite as well as they would hope as his computerized voice cannot quite keep up with the song. When Dr. Hawking finishes the last verse of the song, Sheldon blows out the candles and everyone cheers, followed by Adam West calling from the couch and asking “So who’s taking me home?”


AMY: (about Sheldon’s Birthday) It’s the one day a year that’s just all about you.
LEONARD: (chuckles) One day…. Right.

SHELDON: (in regards to his birthday cake) If there’s writing on it, make sure it’s not all CAPS. I don’t need my dessert yelling at me.

AMY: (nervously fidgeting as she admires Sheldon’s birthday outfit) Maybe later I’ll get to see you in your “birthday suit.”
SHELDON: (beat, not getting it) …This is my birthday suit- Are you having a stroke? Because that’s the kind of thing that just ruins a birthday party!

AMY: (as Sheldon hesitates in the hallway on the way to the party) Are you ok? Do you need a minute?
SHELDON: No. I suppose if I could walk past that pet shop with the parrot in the window, I can do this.

ADAM WEST: Happy Birthday Sherman! (then after Sheldon runs away) I still get paid, don’t I?

This episode definitely had some moments, and I love when they bring in a lot of their guest stars, including Leonard’s mom and Will Whedon, and I cannot believe they have not had Adam West on the show before. He’s a perfect compliment to the cast. Still, while I enjoyed the episodes and everyone rallying around Sheldon for his birthday, it still felt like a short filler episode (only clocking in around 18 min and 30 seconds), and I hope in the coming weeks we get some meatier episodes. See you back here next week!