Ever since Disney announced they would be adding a Star Wars Land to their Disneyland and Walt Disney Resort parks, Rebel and Empire fans alike were filled with anticipation and questions as to what this new attraction would entail. Well wonder no longer as on Sunday night, ABC aired ‘Disney 60’ which featured a segment on ‘The Star Wars Experience’ ‘

Harrison Ford was on hand to introduce the footage which featured concept art and descriptions of the expansion area including an attraction where you can pilot the Millennium Falcon, or be right in the middle of a Resistance vs First Order battle, or you can stroll the streets of a ‘Star Wars’’ locale and meet droids and aliens before stepping into the famed Mos Eisley cantina for a little refreshment. From the looks and sound of it, visitors will definitely be stepping into a galaxy far far away once they set foot in Star Wars Land!

Check out more in the images and video below!

Disney promises to bring the ‘Star Wars’ galaxy to life and the Disney Imagineers have certainly got their work cut out for them. Construction has already begun on this new addition in Disneyland with many of some popular attractions already closed (much to the dismay of some). Work at Florida’s Disney World is expected to begin soon.

While we still don’t know when Star Wars Land will be ready to be open to the public, after seeing the video and images, you can’t deny this will certainly be worth the wait!

Source: THR, /film