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It looks as if the upcoming adaptation of Stephen King‘s ‘The Dark Tower‘ is about to have another cast member! Word has it that Abbey Lee (‘Mad Max: Fury Road‘,’Gods of Egypt’) is in talks to take on a lead role of Tirana in the movie. For those of you scratching your heads as to who exactly Tirana is, the fact of the matter is that she doesn’t even appear in the novels until the seventh book. Not only that, but she is a minor villain that is a servant of The Crimson King and is described as both “obese and grotesque”. These two traits are something that Lee is most definitely not but as she is being turned into a leading lady, we already know that there are going to be some major changes made to Tirana’s character.

Or  they might be renaming one of the characters from ‘The Gunslinger’ or making Lee’s role a combination of a few other characters to add more of an initial tie in to the build up of the future battle with The Crimson King.

It also sounds as if there has also been confirmation that Idris Elba will in fact be playing Roland Deschain and that Matthew McConaughey will be taking on the part of his initial villain and the person who has destroyed his world, The Man in Black.

Sadly there is still no word as to who might be handling Eddie, Susannah and Jake. While I’m sure they plan to just CGI Jake’s pet billy-bumbler (Oy!) I really think that they should look into hiring Andy Serkis to do motion capture for the little guy because who doesn’t use him for creatures these days?

Are you looking forward to ‘The Dark Tower’? Happy to see that Abbey Lee will be joining the cast? Do you think that the character of Tirana is being massively changed for the film adaptation from the character in the seventh novel or will she be someone completely different here? Share your thoughts below!

‘The Dark Tower’ will be released on January 13th, 2017.

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