The Marvel Legends line has long been a fan favorite toyline among collectors. Over the last few years, we’ve seen the line grow and improve upon itself with each new wave of figures, often seeing several new waves of figures hit at once! This week at New York Toy Fair 2016, Hasbro announced that we’ve got quite a few Marvel Legends figures to look forward to in 2016, so now we’re here to give you the full rundown on what you can expect to see!

Several new waves of figures have been revealed. While the exact lineups in which these figures will be released is not set in stone, it’s probably safe to say they will be playing out a little something like this…

Captain America Legends

For the last year or two, each time there is a big new Marvel movie, we see the release of a coinciding wave of Marvel Legends figures. Usually they feature a fair mixture of both comic book and movie versions of characters that fit the theme of the wave! The first incoming wave we can expect to see in the coming months is timed to release just before the all new ‘Captain America: Civil War’ hits theaters this spring! The wave is rumored to consist of movie versions of Captain America, Iron Man, and Black Panther from ‘Captain America: Civil War’, along with comic book versions of Nuke, Red Guardian, and Classic Nick Fury! There are also rumors of a movie styled Giant Man being the build-a-figure for this line, but they are as of yet unconfirmed.

‘Civil War’ Captain America


‘Civil War’ Iron Man


‘Civil War’ Black Panther




Red Guardian

Captain-America-6-Inch-wave-2-Red-Guardian 3

Nick Fury


Doctor Strange Legends

It’s no big secret that the first big Marvel movie hitting the screen after ‘Civil War’ is non other than the master of mysticism himself, ‘Doctor Strange‘! The next wave of Marvel Legends is rumored to center around the Sorcerer Supreme’s big screen debut, and while there weren’t any figures from the actual film shown just yet, there are a few gaping holes in this waves lineup that are yet to be filled, so it’s a safe bet that we will be seeing movie styled Doctor Strange and hopefully a movie styled villain filling in some additional roles here. The rest of the wave consist of a movie styled Scarlet Witch from ‘Captain America: Civil War’, as well as Iron Fist, Nico (from ‘Runaways’ and ‘Young Avengers’!), ‘Secret Wars’ Captain America, and Dormammu! The Dormammu here looks to be the same figure that was released as a part of the SDCC Exclusive Doctor Strange ‘Book Of Vishanti’ box set last year, so he’s going to be quite sizeable and very likely a build-a-figure rather than a single release.

Iron Fist




‘Secret Wars’ Captain America


‘Civil War’ Scarlet Witch




X-Men Legends

While they may not be playing as big of a role in the comics these days, there is still plenty of demand for The X-Men in the toy industry! Hasbro is looking to fill some voids in our collections with an all new wave of X-Men themed Marvel Legends that is jam packed with highly demanded fan favorite characters! The lineup for this wave includes heavy hitters like Havok, Kitty Pride, Iceman, Phoenix, Rogue, Cable, and Deadpool!



Kitty Pride












Spider-Man Legends

And finally, where would the Marvel Legends line be without our favorite wall-crawler? The ‘Spider-Man Legends’ line is continuing with another whole wave of new figures, including some updates on old favorites, and at least one never-before-produced character! We’re expecting to see a few more figures added to this lineup before it actually releases, but so far Hasbro has shown off an all new Hobgoblin, our first ever figure of Silk, and both a Peter Parker and Miles Morales version of Ultimate Spider-Man!





Ultimate Spider-Man (Miles Morales)


Ultimate Spider-Man (Peter Parker)


While we’re sure that even more figures will be announced in a few months at SDCC, for now we’ve got plenty of great new figures to look forward to from Hasbro’s Marvel Legends line! Be sure to stay tuned to all this week for all of the latest news coming out of New York Toy Fair 2016!