Before Ben Affleck (‘Gigli’,’Jersey Girl’) was picked up to be Bruce Wayne in ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice,’ the role almost went to Josh Brolin (‘Guardians of the Galaxy’,’Oldboy’). In a recent interview with MTV, he shares his thoughts about the casting change.

While many actors had been cited for potentially being The Dark Knight, it was only Affleck and Brolin that were seriously mentioned. It should be noticed that both of these characters previously played comic superheroes in the form of Daredevil and Jonah Hex respectively.

You would think that some might be annoyed or angry that they didn’t get the part, but Brolin is a pretty carefree guy and doesn’t seem phased at all. Here is what he thinks about not getting such an iconic role:

“I don’t have that thing, I wish I did. It would just be more interesting and more competitive, damn him. As much as you guys want to be pissed off, be pissed off, it’s all good. Start a f–king riot. I’m really curious [to see] what he does. Beyond curious.”

Sounds like he is looking forward to seeing what Affleck can do just as much as the rest of us! If anything, he probably thinks the man deserves a chance at redemption after the last time he put in a uniform to fight crime.

With the world being based off of ‘Man of Steel’ there are many who might say he dodged a bullet. That line of thought, though, is something that none of us can bank on until the movie is actually released. Also with being cast as Thanos, one of Marvel’s most iconic villains, there shouldn’t be too much animosity here.

Would you have preferred to see Josh Brolin as Batman instead of Affleck in ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’? Are you happy that he is Thanos instead? Share your thoughts below!