Eli Roth (‘The Green Inferno’,’Hemlock Grove‘) may not have directed ‘Clown’ but he did take on the producer’s role and without it the film may have never seen the light of day. Originally Jon Watts (‘The Onion News Network’, ‘The Fuzz’) created a fake trailer for ‘Clown’ and when Eli ended up seeing it he loved it so much that he wanted a full feature length film to be made.

Watts directed the film and the script was provided by writer Christopher D. Ford (‘Robot & Frank‘, ‘Eugene!’) . We’ll be seeing Dimension Films releasing the film though no solid release date has been set quite yet.

Right now the United States might be suffering from a clown shortage and while many of the clown hating horror loving folks across the globe might call that a win, others might call that an opportunity. While that wasn’t the motivation behind Jon creating the initial film, it sure does seem to be perfect timing to give us some clown themed horror. Maybe the clown shortage will be why we see the father in this film dress up as a clown for his son’s birthday? Unfortunately for him the clown suit he puts on happens to be cursed and he ends up having quite the killer smile going on as he starts taking the lives of people.

A loving father finds a clown suit for his son’s birthday party, only to realize the suit is part of an evil curse that turns its wearer into a killer.

What are your thoughts on ‘Clown’? Do we need more competition for Pennywise (who is already going to be in a reboot of ‘IT’) on being the creepiest clown out there? Do you think Frowny the Clown will give him a run for his money? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Shock Till You Drop