Stephen Amell Stardust WWE face to face banner

It all started around eight months ago when ‘Arrow’ star Stephen Amell took a break from filming ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows’ to attend a WWE event in New York. It was there that actor first came face to face with the bizarre superstar known as Stardust, who has a bit of an obsession with taking down the Emerald Archer of Star City. Things came to a head when the two faced off in a tag team match at this past Summerslam in Los Angeles. Amell emerged as the victor alongside his partner Neville and the saga seemed to come to an end. However, the rivalry was recently reignited when the Prince of Dark Matter stole Amell’s Slammy Award for World Wrestling Entertainment’s Celebrity Moment of the Year. Now, the next chapter of this feud unfolded over the weekend that may lead to yet another confrontation in the squared circle.

During his panel at Dallas Comic Con on Saturday, Stephen Amell was interrupted by Stardust and WWE ring announcer Eden Stiles (who also happens to be the wrestler’s wife in real life). The Leader of the Cosmic Wasteland strolled into the hall with the actor’s Slammy in tow and hijacked the proceedings. And in addition to teasing fans and answering questions that were not directed at him, the man formerly known as Cody Rhodes threw a glass of water in Amell’s face and challenged him to a singles match at Wrestlemania 32, which is also being held in Dallas on April 3rd. You can see the entire confrontation as captured by WWE cameras in the video below:

Following this interaction, Amell took to his Facebook page to address the challenge. After sharing a video of Stardust’s antics, he went on to say in the comments, “By the way: if the dude wants a match, he knows how to get in touch with me. Anytime. Anywhere.” With WWE currently on the Road to Wrestlemania, you never know what can take shape between now and the company’s biggest events of the year. With their Summerslam tag match being so well-received, it’s easy to see how a singles match would be in high demand.

But this most recent altercation wasn’t only meant to tease another match between the two. Now that the Slammy is back in his possession (and signed by both Stardust and himself), Amell revealed his intentions to raffle off the award in an effort to raise money to benefit an eight-year-old WWE fan named Elijah Mainville (AKA Drax Shadow) who has been battling cancer for most of his life. With Elijah declaring that he is Stardust’s biggest fan, it’s pretty cool to see the galactic grappler’s greatest rival help with such a good cause.

What do you think about Stephen Amell potentially stepping in the ring to face Stardust one on one? Do you see this match happening at Wrestlemania 32? And could Drax Shadow’s involvement ultimately lead to Amell’s demise in the WWE? Sound off in the comments below.