Under The Dome‘ has been released to an overall great review among fans. While some were unhappily outspoken about the changes from the book to the point that Stephen King had to address them, overall the feedback has been good.

The success of ‘Under The Dome’ is apparent from the show’s 13.84 million viewers. Not only that ,but they’ve had a slew of extra views from DVR, VOD, and online streaming. In fact, the show has been so popular that Amazon’s online streaming has said that it was watched by more of their customers than any other series that they provide (and Amazon’s catalog is quite extensive!). Because of this, CBS has green lit a second season of the the novel’s adaptation. Of course, if the high viewership hadn’t sold you the recent announcement that suddenly NBC wants to make a miniseries of Tommyknockers is clearly showing us one thing:  Stephen King’s properties are hot right now. Horror and suspense are running strong on the small screen and shows no signs of letting up!

The show will be returning in the summer of 2014 with 13 new episodes to continue on where the finale will be leaving off. Not only are we going to see a second season but Stephen King himself will be penning the Season 2 premiere episode!

According to CBS Entertainment’s President Nina Tassler:

We’re excited to tell more stories about the mystery of the dome and the secrets in Chester’s Mill, and are thrilled to have the master storyteller himself, Stephen King, tell the first one of next season.

Let’s be honest, anytime something Stephen King is attached to does well, it does REALLY well. Anyone would love to have him on board. Personally, I’ve been a fan of the show so far. Yes it has deviated from the novel but that’s one thing I like about book to television conversions. If everything matched up 100% there would be no surprises in store for us. Sure, you may know the overall story arc but the journey to get there can be just different enough to keep us all involved.

What do you think? Are you looking forward to more ‘Under the Dome’ or are you annoyed with the changes from the novel?

Source: Shock Till You Drop.