Fox has finally shared the first shot of BD Wong as Dr. Hugo Strange  in ‘Gotham‘ during the “Wrath of the Villains” story arc. In the upcoming season, we’ll see him as the criminal mastermind who is taking the city by storm, or at least some of the more demented citizens of the city. Usually in crime procedurals we are used to thinking of Wong as a psychiatrist from his 14 year stint on ‘Law & Order: Special Victims Unit’ and to a lesser extent the year he spent on ‘Awake’. While still a doctor in ‘Gotham,’ he won’t be the kind that helps people as he’ll be playing quite the twisted psychiatrist.

We don’t know too much about his character aside from the fact that it seems he might be in charge of running Arkham Asylum. This will prove double interesting after Robin Lord Taylor’s Penguin gets sent there and Wong says that “He is never the same from the moment he walks through the door.”

When the good Doctor is first introduced supposedly trying to help The Penguin he’ll be looking like this:


Sounds like big things are happening for Penguin and while at this time it is unclear if he will be responsible for the return of Jada Pinkett Smith‘s Fish Mooney, it could seem like a good bet that as a psychiatrist in charge of Penguin, she could be returning as a memory or induced vision by our new leading villain.

Wong says of his character that, “What [he] is doing in there is indeed very, very bad. Imagine the worst thing someone might do. Then multiply that by 10.”

For Penguin, one of the worst things that could happen would be a return of Mooney so that could truly be how we’re seeing her return.

Are you looking forward to the introduction of Dr. Hugo Strange? Do you think that BD Wong will play a good villain? Share your thoughts below!

The streets of ‘Gotham’ will be going mad once more on Monday, February 29, 2016 on Fox.

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