Ryan Reynolds wrapped up his ‘Deadpool’ press whirlwind by gulping down a few adult beverages and appearing on Bravo’s ‘Watch What Happens Live!’ hosted by Andy Cohen.  Reynolds shared the stage with Olivia Wilde, who was there to promote her upcoming HBO series ‘Vinyl’.

Cohen notoriously lets his guests get a little tipsy before asking some burning questions and Reynolds MAY have had a head start.  The late night host engaged Reynolds in one of the show’s regular segments reserved for first-time guests, Plead The Fifth, in which Cohen asks three difficult questions that the guest must answer truthfully, but can “plead the fifth” to one of the three.  For the record, Reynolds did not plead the fifth to any of his questions. After Cohen asks him what super hero might be a flaming homosexual (Reynolds’ response “Archie”), he zeroes on on just what Reynolds thinks of his last superhero film 2011’s dud ‘Green Lantern’. At first, Reynolds reacted more diplomatically, but after some goading from the studio audience, he lashed out a bit harsher.  (Keep in mind, he had had… a few grownup drinks.)

“I would give it a scant… 4? Yeah, 3 or 4?… ONE! IT’S A ONE”

He followed up by simply saying, “It didn’t work.”

Though not the worst movie, ‘Green Lantern’ was incredibly formulaic and dull.  And the design of the CGI uniform was a horrendous idea from the start.  And Warner Brothers hoped that this would kick off its DC Universe franchise, evidenced by Angela Bassett’s appearance as Amanda Waller, who would have been the DC equivalent of Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury in Marvel’s movies.

‘Green Lantern’ wound up making $219 million against its $200 million budget and sent Warner Brothers scrambling to formulate a new plan to establish a brand similar to Marvel’s.  (Which we will all see next month, when ‘Batman V Superman‘ arrives.)

In other sci fi franchise news, Reynolds’ co-guest Olivia Wilde was asked about the ‘Tron’ franchise, to which she admitted that a sequel was not happening.

On a scale of 1-10, how would you rank ‘Green Lantern’?  Or should we just forget about that and focus on ‘Deadpool’?

Source: Cinema Blend