Paramount Pictures has just announced that sequels in the ‘Transformers‘ franchise are already set and movie goers will be seeing one each year starting 2017! If you remember, Hasbro revealed last year that there were not just the 3 films coming out but that four were currently in the pipeline. No word on another installment in the series yet but if box office sales are up and the trend continues,I would imagine that we’ll see the last of the series landing with a 2020 release date.

Michael Bay announced last month that he would be returning to the franchise even though he initially said he was done with it and we know that Mark Wahlberg will star in at least the next movie.

The idea moving forward is to follow Marvel’s expanded universe concept which will include toys, comics, games, a tie-in animated series, and possibly more. At one point it was announced that an animated movie was in the works which may or may not fall into the same cinematic universe as the live-action movies which we’ve seen to date.

The franchise is clearly willing to bet big on these films and appears extremely confident as the fifth movie will face off against DC’s ‘Wonder Woman‘ while the sixth is set to come out on June 8th, 2018 and go head to head with ‘Godzilla 2‘. It’ll be a great weekend for anyone who loves giant creatures. At this time there is no confirmed release dates for films on June 28th, 2019 when the seventh is scheduled but being over three years out at this point it shouldn’t be too surprising.

Are you looking forward to ongoing entrees into the ‘Transformers’ universe? Is Paramount Pictures biting off more than they can chew or have hte box office numbers for the ‘Transformers’ movies so far proven that they have staying power on the big screen? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

‘Transformers 5’ will roll out and into theaters on June 23, 2017

Sources: PolygonForbes