The shared Cinematic Universal Monster Universe is growing once again as Jay Basu has joined the talent that is working on their upcoming universe. “Basu who?” you might be asking yourself and that is a fair question. Right off the bat you’ll be expecting that Basu is a relatively new face to media though he was handpicked by guiding hands to the franchise Alex Kurtzman (‘The Amazing Spider-man‘, ‘Transformers’) and Chris Morgan (‘Fast & Furious 6′, ’47 Ronin’).

So who is Jay Basu and what brought him to the attention of Universal? Well, he initially was heard from when he made the Brit List of unproduced screenplays. For those unfamiliar with that, think of it as the UK version of the Black List of movies that were not made but probably should be. Since that time he’s put together a script for GBH (‘Grievous Bodily Harm’) which is going to be directed by Pete Travis (‘Dredd‘) and has co-written the upcoming ‘Monsters: Dark Continent‘ film which is scheduled to be released next year. He’s also behind a B-movie known as ‘The Dinosaur Project,’ so if you take the last three together the man loves horror.

Sadly, even using horror monsters we all know at this point that the Universal Cinematic Universe is not going to be a horror themed one.

Even so, with the shared universe having ‘Dracula Untold‘ already out, ‘The Mummy‘ in the works, and most likely a ‘Frankenstein‘ and ‘The Wolfman‘ projects on its plate there is going to be plenty of content to pick from. It’ll be interesting to see how they are all connected. Also, just because they aren’t meant to be horror films, the inclusion of these characters will probably lead to at least a few scenes that will be worth seeing. I wonder if he is being brought on for the unknown 2017 release.

What are your thoughts on handing one of the major monster movie tent pole movies to a relatively unknown? Do you think Universal is making the right choice for it’s upcoming attempts at blockbuster films? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Deadline