“A sucker is born every minute.”

Secret wars going on across the world and lake monsters snacking on tourists? Sure, one is a bit more harrowing than the other but both are at the forefront of this week’s Grimm.

Nick has a one-on-one with Eve
Nick has a one-on-one with Eve

But before breaking down the remainder of the Diamond Lake monster tale, rewind back to the start where Nick fills Hank, Wu, and Renard in on Eve and the hit on Samuel Rankin. It’s not until Trubel arrives that they get the rest of the news: Rankin (not his real name) was one of the founding members of Black Claw, making the take down a big win for Hadrian’s Wall. Speaking of that organization, Trubel takes Nick to see Meisner and the Portland cell of the Wall, a secret branch of the federal government. Nick also finds out the entire confrontation was meant to prove himself to Eve. So detached in her demeanor, Eve expresses to a still off-put Nick that she’s “found a reason to live”. She also reminds him that the Juliette he knew and loved is far gone and he has to “stop living in his past”.

Trubel's a big part in Nick's plan to out the Dunbar brothers in the Diamond Lake murders
Trubel’s a big part in Nick’s plan to out the Dunbar brothers in the Diamond Lake murders

While there, Nick gets a tour of the Wall’s command center and a greater view on Black Claw and their plan to create a world run by Wesen, the same thing Hitler tried during WWII. After showing the grimm his mother’s grave, Meisner expresses the need for Nick’s help with what’s coming. Eve’s not so sure Nick’s ready to commit to the cause, his emotions still leading him when it comes to her but Meisner believes that Nick will come around.

Back to the Diamond Lake monster story, Nick and Hank reach out to Monrosalee, who ID the creature as a Wasser Zahne. They also discuss their own recruitment by Trubel to join

Dumping Logan’s body into the lake as well, the case is wrapped up in a neat and tidy bow. “Reality,” Nick tells Trubel and Hank, “is definitely not what it used to be.”

The Grimmtastic

  • All things considered, “A Reptile Dysfunction” was a run-of-the-mill monster of the week feature. The case was nothing special, though we did get a peek into a new Wesen. We also got to see the lengths our grimm detective must go to tidy up the messiest of cases when it comes to Wesen.
  • The best aspect of the show has to be Nick being taken deeper into the world of Hadrian’s Wall. While I wanted more of the 411 on the secret war, the writers did a good job giving us more than in previous episodes but keeping things back as well. Also, Eve’s distant, nearly robotic personality is the perfect foil to Nick’s emotional turmoil over seeing his love again. The rest of this season should be a good one as Nick (and let’s not forget, Monrosalee) join in to take down the Black Claw.
  • One more tidbit: Renard continues his endorsement of Andrew Dixon. I mentioned this when Dixon first appeared and believe it even more so now; this guy has to be involved with Black Claw. Add to the fact that the press secretary (?) gets a bit more hands-on in coaching up the police captain. This will be a major aspect of the season going forward and we can only guess how it will affect the war between Hadrian’s Wall and Black Claw.