This past weekend I had the privilege of attending Stan Lee’s LA Comic Con, and while it may not have the name recognition just yet of San Diego Comic-Con or Wonder-Con (understandably especially this year as they changed the name from its previous incarnation of Stan Lee’s “Comikaze”) it  was still a lot of fun for those in attendance, and trust me, there were plenty. Fans literally lined up in droves, with a line to pick up tickets at least 2 blocks long in downtown LA, and with traffic being also backed up for all the commuters rushing to the event on Saturday. And of course, the fans showed up in their finest cosplay, making it the ideal outing for anyone wanting to show off their Halloween costume or just dust off their favorite superhero duds and show them off to their fellow fans.

Due to the recent release of ‘Suicide Squad’ there were plenty of Harley Quinn, Joker, Deadshot and Batmans on display, but my favorites (as always) were those thinking outside of the box, ranging from inventive Deadpool costumes to an impressive display of steampunk costumes. My favorite this year had to be the guy who dressed up in massive Hulk-buster armor with fully-movable parts, including a helmet that slid back to reveal his face, which clearly took a lot of time and effort to put together. I also enjoyed the resurgence of Ghostrider costumes on display due to the character’s recent appearances on ‘Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD,’ plus the fact that it worked well for both cosplay and Halloween. Oh, and I definitely need to shot out to the fan who put together a very realistic and life-like Chewbacca costume, complete with voice-work, as he was fun both to look at and talk to, and everyone around definitely got a big kick out of him whenever he was around. Make sure to check out all the pics I gathered while walking the floor below!

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