‘Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice’ SPOILERS AHEAD…. kind of.

Every since the internet saw leaked set photos of Scoot McNairy early in the production of ‘Batman V Superman,’ which saw the actor in green knee-high socks, there has been much speculation as to who the  man is playing the film, and why he would be required to wear those green socks, a telltale sign of digital replacement or deletion. While wild theories went out saying he might have robot feet and end up being Metallo, or else the legs might be blurred making him The Flash, those recently went out the window when the rumor started that McNairy would be playing Superman’s pal Jimmy Olsen, who did not appear in ‘Man in Steel’ as they instead chose a female character to basically fill Jimmy’s role at the Daily Planet.

Now, according to Latino Review, we know for certain that McNairy is NOT playing Jimmy Olsen, though what we do know is a little vague, which is why is goes under the “kind of” spoiler column. According to the trailers, we know McNairy’s character is wheelchair bound, as he can be seen at the memorial for the Battle of Metropolis, and when Superman shows up at the Senate hearing (see picture above). New information claims that McNairy’s character was injured in this manner during Superman’s battle with Zod, and he is brought in to testify against Superman to the US Senate. He then becomes a victim of Luther’s campaign against Superman, allowing himself to be turned into a human bomb so he can get close to Superman and try to hurt him.

With that in mind, I am definitely grateful the man will not be playing Jimmy Olsen, as that would be a waste of the character, and an insult to his comics history as Superman’s friend. What are your thoughts on McNairy’s arc in ‘Batman V Superman?’ Does it sound plausible? Share your theories in the comments below!