It looks as if the next season of ‘American Horror Story‘ might be focusing on one of the creepiest things made online by bringing the Slender Man to the small screen. In fact, announcements, pre-production and more appear to be held up due to a rights issue with the specific story that creator Ryan Murphy wants to use to bring the creature to life.

I must point out at this time that this is just a rumor as we’ve never learned what an upcoming season will be about this early. It is an exciting one though as he would be the perfect kind of villain to enter into the world of ‘American Horror Story’. One just has to hope that if Murphy does go this route that either they won’t waste one of their big name actors in the role or that we can see who is in the outfit akin to that of Evan Peters as both Tate Langdon and the Rubber Man from the first season.

Though I suspect that not knowing the Slender Man’s identity would have more of an impact than being able to eventually finding out who he really is.

For those who are unfamiliar with the Slender Man, he is the product of an online trend known as Creepypasta which are a collection of horror stories invented and shared online. He is a tall, thin manlike creature with long appendages and no set features. His role tends to be that of a kidnapper who loves to take children. While many stories exist now about the Slender Man there is one particular instance of the character which they want to adapt. If Lady Gaga were to return for this season they might throw in some role reversal and have her show her acting chops as a different kind of mother than the one she just portrayed. Or perhaps we would see her introduced as the Slender Woman.

While ‘American Horror Story Hotel’ had multiple children kidnapped in it, that wasn’t the central plot for the season. It would be interesting to see how any previous seasons might end up connecting with this one as Murphy increases the crossovers between story arcs.

Do you think that the Slender Man could be the perfect antagonist for the next season of ‘American Horror Story’? Which characters introduced so far would you like to pop up or referenced here? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Cinema Blend