Let’s flashback to the 80s, a time when it’s rare two nerds could ever go from zero to hero in one fantastic weekend. But Anthony Michael Hall and Ilan Mitchell-Smith were able to do just that in the John Hughes movie, ‘Weird Science’ (1985). The teen classic is today’s Throwback Thursday, a look at sci-fi of the past.

Our protagonists Gary and Wyatt, though young in age, begin their journey in a state many of us can relate to—disheartened, directionless, unhappy. While many of us real people have to rely on daily affirmations and self-help books to motivate us to make a change, Gary and Wyatt’s guru is the consummate male fantasy—the perfect woman. The woman in this case is Lisa, the shapely puffy-lipped Aphrodite with a preference for bikini underwear and unadulterated fun. Kelly Le Brock is the work of art a 1980s Pygmalion would consider his greatest masterpiece. Despite a 56 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes, how can we believe that a premise like this won’t get an audience onboard?

But beyond Lisa’s appearance and artificiality, she’s a true champion of Gary and Wyatt. Akin to Oprah’s new Weight Watchers campaign, she just wants them to be their best selves. A lot of weird stuff happens along this journey that make us question whether or not she does have their best interest in mind. However, she’s erratic with a purpose. Gary and Wyatt have their wish fulfillment and Lisa accomplishes what she set out to do. This may not be the best John Hughes movie, but it’s certainly a fun ride.