One of the lines from ‘Deadpool‘ that fans are already quoting– and the movie isn’t even out yet– is “I’m touching myself tonight,” a line that Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) delivers after killing some enemies and inhaling the lingering smoke from his twin pistols.  Now the Merc With A Mouth is declaring it again… and he wants you to do the same.

I guess it’s not all self-promotion for ‘Deadpool’.  Reynolds, in full costume and mask, hosts this new public service announcement, in association with the Ballboys, urging all male fans to touch themselves… to prevent cancer.

“Searching for some sexy sexy time, am I right? Well here’s the thing. Touching yourself could also save your life, without making you blind. Seriously, most cancers are curable if caught early. Click on the link and start touching yourself right now. Mmm! Stimulating.”

You can watch the video yourself below:

For additional information about the Ballboys charity, you can visit their home page or Facebook page.

In addition to this video, this new promotional image has been released:


Once you’re finished down there, don’t forget to check out ‘Deadpool’ in theaters.  Something tells me that this R-rated mélange of hyper violence, and irreverent potty humor might have some fansboys touching themselves afterward, as well.  Just wait til you get home!

In all seriousness, testicular cancer directly affects the main ‘Deadpool’ target audience.  It is the most common cancer among men age 15-49, but it is also easily curable if detected early.

With all the innuendo-laced images and other materials released to promote this film, it’s nice to see an emphasis on Reynold’s spandex covered junk for a good cause.  Or is it?

‘Deadpool’ directed by Tim Miller, starring Ryan Reynolds, Morena Baccarin, T.J. Miller, Brianna Hildebrand, Gina Carano, and Ed Skrein hits theaters on February 12, 2016.

Source: Movie Pilot