With all of the MCU heroes that will be going to war during ‘Captain America: Civil War,’ it is difficult to tell at this particular point in time which characters (besides Cap and Tony of course) will be given real time to shine in film, and which ones will just be window dressing. Of course, while thinking of big characters that have been underused thus far in the MCU, it is hard to imagine a worse scenario than James ‘Rhodey’ Rhodes aka War Machine, Iron Man’s best friend and partner, who is played by Don Cheadle himself. While he has appeared in a good number of MCU films so far, it has always been in limited roles, and rarely have those scenes really took advantage of not only the character, but also of the gifted actor who brings that character to life.

Fortunately, in recent comments to ‘SuperheroHype,’ War Machine himself, Don Cheadle, spoke on the fact that he is going to very integral to what goes down in “Captain America: Civil War’ :

“I never know where the character’s going to go, but he’s become more and more, and in the next one, you’ll see that what happens to Rhodey is a little bit more intense and pivotal to what happens in the rest of the stories.”

civil war iron man and war machineOf course, for anyone who has seen the ‘Captain America: Civil War’ trailers, we all know Rhodey at some point in the movie will be badly beaten, with Iron Man cradling his unconscious body afterwards, the War Machine suit in tatters. And if you have been following the rumor mill of late, you also know that Rhodey is supposedly one of the four death scenes filmed for ‘Civil War,’ though only one of them will actually make it into the film. And while I would be sad to see the character die, his fate could be a huge turning point in the movie, essentially pushing both Tony Stark and Steve Rogers past the point of no return, ruining their friendship forever.

What are your thoughts on Don Cheadle’s comments? Do you think he’s hinting at the death of his own character? Share your theories in the comments section below!