What’s old is new, and what’s retro is in demand over at Toy Fair 2015! This year our friends over at Bif Bang Pow! showcased some of their brand new products for the coming year and wow do they look great! Bif Bang Pow! are bringing back some of your favorite classic brands and a few newer ones and making retro-styled collectibles for a whole new generation!

Probably the most exciting announcement to come out of Bif Bang Pow! was the reveal of their all new retro-styled 3.75” scale ‘Flash Gordon’ figures! These figures look to sport a little bit more articulation than most retro-styled figures, featuring elbow and knee joints, and bring the cast of this classic film to life in tiny plastic form! Figures included in this series include Flash Gordon, Ming The Merciless, Vultan, Princess Aurora, and Prince Barin!

Also from their retro line, Bif Bang Pow! showcased some of the new figures from their ‘Twilight Zone’ series! This series takes fan favorite characters from this classic television series and puts them into your collection!

If retro isn’t your thing, then the new series of figures from ‘The Big Bang Theory’ might be more to your tastes? There are several waves of 3.75” scale figures based on the hit sitcom in both their regular clothes and in classic ‘Star Trek’ uniforms! The coolest part about these figures is that the cards they are packed on fold open to create displayable dioramas straight out of the hit series like the gang’s living room, the lunchroom from work, or even a spaceship control room! There are also Minimates (which are available now, check out our reviews here and here!) and 8” scale retro styled figures with real cloth clothes!

If you’re into those taller 8” retro style figures with the real clothe clothes like the MEGO figures of the 1970’s, then you might dig these new figures based on Showtime’s hit horror series ’Penny Dreadful’! These figures are “must haves” for fans of the recent series, which has already obtained a cult following!

Last but far from least, Bif Bang Pow! showcased their all new 12” scale figure of ’The Dude’ from ’The Big Lebowski’! This ‘Dude’ looks fantastic and comes with quite a few character specific accessories!

Whether you’re into these retro style figures or not, it’s safe to say that figures in these styles are here to stay for quite a while! Do you plan on picking up any of these new figures when they release? If so, let us know which ones in the comments section below!

Source: ToyArk