Walking Dead season 6B Rick and Michonne banner

Nothing says romance like reanimated rotting flesh trying to kill you. Okay, maybe that doesn’t work for everybody, but fans of ‘The Walking Dead’ are sure to be excited to catch the return of the sixth season on Valentine’s Day. And it’s not just fans here in the United States either. People all over the world have caught the fever for AMC’s popular zombie drama based on Robert Kirkman’s acclaimed Image comic. So thanks to them, we have a new international promo with new footage.

Following the mid-season hiatus, ‘Walking Dead’ will return on February 14th with the new episode called ‘No Way Out’. That title may sound familiar to readers of the comic who can recall the epic storyline with the same name. Though that may indicate some events that could take place throughout the rest of the season, we don’t see any sign of that in the latest spot for the next half of the sixth season. Instead, we catch footage from the previously released trailer mixed with shots of Carol and Morgan running from the herd and Maggie finding herself in a seemingly hopeless position. You can check out the preview from a Dutch-speaking Fox affiliate below courtesy of ComicBook.com:

I know that this is some serious business, but it’s still pretty funny to see Abraham wearing that jacket. Although, besides some new fancy attire, there is a ton to look forward to once ‘The Walking Dead’ returns to the airwaves. The one thing that stands out for sure is the arrival of Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan. But what else are you excited for in the upcoming half of this season? Do you think that Carol and Morgan have settled their differences? Will Glenn save Maggie? And what will happen to Alexandria after this massive walker attack? Share your thoughts and theories in the comment section.