While we’re all thrilled about ‘The X-Files‘ returning, many have wondered what happened to Chris Carter‘s Amazon series ‘The After‘. A truly creative genius, Carter’s claim to fame will always be drawn from his creation of Mulder and Sculley but he’s always had so much more to offer.

At a recent interview during the Television Critics Association’s winter press tour, Carter opened up about his now defunct Amazon project ‘The After’. His entire goal for the series was to have a 99-episode run to tell a specific story that he had in mind. While Amazon had picked up the series, it was canned within six months before he could film the initial eight-episode season run.

Sadly it all seems to boil down to Amazon and Carter not sharing the same vision for the series. According to Carter:

“I think there was just a difference of opinion about direction of the show. It was a hard sell from the beginning. It was eight characters in hell and I really didn’t do a bible for the show because I wanted to discover what that was about. It was a hard sell and it would have been an investment for them, if they were going to do eight episodes, of $40 million. I can understand their reluctance and I still think I had eight, great episodes.”

While it was an ambitious project and unfortunate that it wasn’t picked up, it did leave him available for when Fox finally, after all of these years, gave him the greenlight to continue ‘The X-Files’. But what will happen after this brief revival? Currently, Carter states there has been “no talk about spinoffs of any sort just now.”

So what is next if ‘The X-Files’ revival only gets a one season run?

“My wife has a miniseries, which is an adaptation of her second book. I would really love to see that on television.”

This wouldn’t exactly be the type of series that Carter’s fans would be pushing for as it deals with 12 interconnected old and new money tales and has nothing to do with the paranormal in the slightest. Still, it sounds like he’d be more interested in working on the writing end of that project.

Are you sad that ‘The After’ will never see hte light of day? Do you think we’re in for more of ‘The X-Files’? Share your thoughts below!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter