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Look no further for how far the reach of ‘Game of Thrones’ fandom has truly gone over the years than the fact that even the gambling community is actively enthralled by the final season of the HBO show. Websites like BetVictor are currently allowing fans to gamble on the outcome of ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 8 (check it out yourself by clicking on the link here), the most popular bets, of course, being “Who will end up on Iron Throne?” and “Who is going to die during Season 8?” Not only that, but thanks to the betting information received, they even have stats to help one make an “informed” decision on the matter.

According to BetVictor, here are the Top 10 Picks for who will most likely end up sitting on the Iron Throne at the end of the season (along with the probability of their rise to power):

  1. Bran Stark (50%)
  2. Jon Snow (20%)
  3. Daenerys Targaryen (20%)
  4. The Night King (9%)
  5. The Children of the Forest (9%)
  6. Tyrion Lannister (9%)
  7. Cersei Lannister (8%)
  8. Sansa Stark (8%)
  9. Arya Stark (7%)
  10. Gendry (6%)

And here are their picks for the characters most likely to die over the course of the 6 episode season (along with the probability for their death):

  1. Euron Greyjoy (98%)
  2. Cersei Lannister (96%)
  3. Jaime Lannister (92%)
  4. Jorah Mormont (88%)
  5. Lord Varys (86%)
  6. Melisandre (82%)
  7. Beric Dondarrion (75%)
  8. Daenerys Targaryen (75%)
  9. The Hound (71%)
  10. Theon Greyjoy (69%)

I mean, let’s be real for a second, unless you have inside information from the set, none of these numbers really matter at the end of the day as the production could decide to kill a character just for the shock of it all, and it could fly in the face of all the predictions.

Notably, all of the Starks have been left off the “most likely to die” list, probably because the family has already suffered so much over the course of the series, but I would not blink an eye if they killed off another Stark before the season ended.

No one is safe at this point. I think the “who will take the Iron Throne?” info might be a bit more on point, mainly because the seeds of that decision had to have been planted throughout the series, and they cannot just decide to drop anyone onto the throne at the end of the season. I love the idea of Bran Stark being the ruler at the end of it all, using his powers to keep an eye on everything in the kingdom, and having the wisdom to rule due to his power to see the past and the future. Still, you never know, and I know I would not put money on this type of thing as I would rather sit back and enjoy the final season without that worry hanging over my head.

What do you think of the lists above? Do they seem accurate to you? Would you bet on the final outcome of the series? Feel free to chime in below in the comments!

Source: Comicbook, Betvictor