Usually when we talk about Netflix lately it is all praise though it seems that recently the best streaming service in the world has butchered the finale of ‘Lost‘ and creator Damon Lindelof (‘Star Trek Into Darkness‘,’World War Z‘) isn’t happy about it.

While we’re still not sure exactly what happened it appears that roughly 18 minutes of “The End”, the 104-minute season finale, were missing for streamers recently. Oddly enough it seems to be a recent change as previously the full episode was supposed to be available.

According to Lindelof:

“I am totally befuddled by all this. Love it or hate it, the finale that aired is the definitive finale and to alter it in any way defies explanation. Something tells me that this isn’t Netflix’s fault … that it’s an honest mistake and something got miscommunicated — I seem to remember ABC had to make an edit for rerun airings that tightened the show into ‘format’ (42 minutes to accommodate commercials), and somehow that [version] mistakenly got sent to Netflix.

This sometimes happened with our finales — we’d ask for extra time and ABC would agree to air, but then we had to do another tighter version for subsequent airings and/or international [markets]. We usually left these (painful) cuts to the discretion of our editors… but as the show lives on in DVD form and on Netflix, there is ZERO reason to have the shorter version out there.”

Of course, no need to worry as it seems that Netflix is already on the case!

Thankfully we can still happily say that Netflix is taking care of things so in the end we’ve got good news to share. Though there is no way to get that time back for everyone who has recently watched the finale and now will have to re-watch it in order to get those extra lost minutes.

Are you annoyed at Netflix for allowing this time to get ‘Lost’ or are you happy that they are speedily taking care of the problem? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Cinema Blend