After the recent news that Peter Serafinowicz (‘Guardians of the Galaxy’,’Shaun of the Dead’) has signed on for Amazon Studio’s take on ‘The Tick,’ we’ve just learned that Brendan Hines (‘Lie to Me,’ ‘Scorpion’) has also joined the cast! Hines will be joining Griffin Newman who will play his sidekick Arthur and Valorie Curry who will play Dot, Arthur’s sister and a nurse. Series creator Ben Edlund is back to oversee the series and while Patrick Warburton won’t be back in costume, he will be joining Edlund and Barry Josephson as executive producers with Wally Pfister (‘Transcendence‘) set to direct.

On the series, we know that Hines has been tapped to play Superian who is “a superhero with issues.” While no previous character was named Superian, any fan of the comics can tell you that almost every superhero in Edlund’s insane little world has issues of some sort so it’s hard to tell if this is a reimagining of one of his past creations or an entirely new character. With a name like Superian, though, it wouldn’t surprise me if we had an overly, or perhaps underly, muscular character with a blue suit that has a symbol on his chest and a red cape.

Only time will tell if we’re getting a Superman spoof here but if they include Batmanuel or Die Fledermaus as his take on Batman and American Maid or Captain Liberty as the Wonder Woman spoof, it would be the perfect lineup for a complete episode spoof of the ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ story arc.

I personally would love to see this one happen. Of course, that might be an overly obvious route and I’m not sure if Edlund would take it.

Are you looking forward to Amazon Studios take on ‘The Tick’? Do you think that we’ll see Brendan Hines as a Superman parody or something else entirely? Share your thoughts below!

Sources: Comic Book, Deadline