It now seems that the ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ characters will be facing much more than Vandal Savage of the course of their first season, as it was previously confirmed that ‘Arrow’ Season 4 big bad Damien Darhk would be appearing to antagonize the new team, and we now know that they will also be facing off against the big bad from ‘Arrow’ Season 3, Ras Al Ghul. It has been reported that Matt Noble will be back to reprise his role in the 9th episode of ‘Legends of Tomorrow,’ titled ‘Left Behind,’ though the question now is what form he will be in.

When we last saw Ras he had been killed by Oliver Queen in order to protect Starling (now Star) City, with Malcolm Merlyn assuming the title of Ras Al Ghul. Some are speculating that he might be a resurrected Ras Al Ghul, but earlier this season on ‘Arrow’ we saw Nyssa destroy the Lazarus Pit’s ability to resurrect the dead, so unless there is another Lazarus Pit somewhere (which might be the case), it is more likely that the Ras the ‘Legends’ crew will encounter will be from the past.

And since we know Malcolm Merlyn, the current Ras, knows Vandal Savage and potentially saved him from his encounter with Team Arrow and Team Flash, it stands to reason that the former Ras Al Ghul would also have known Savage, and potentially teamed up with him at some point in the past. It was also known that Ras was exceptionally old, but kept in prime form due to the Lazarus Pit, so it would not be a stretch to see a “younger” version of him that still looks exactly like the Ras we saw on ‘Arrow’ last season.

What are your thoughts on the return of Ras Al Ghul to the CW’s DC universe? Do you, like me, hope his stint is short? (I never really care for Matt Noble’s version of the character). Share your opinions below!

Source: Cinemablend